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Edmund Cowgill Family Tree
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  • The family tree of Edmund Cowgill, son of (Edmund? and) Ellen Cowgill
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  • Red text is used to  is used to show descendants of a female Cowgill; they would not match Cowgills in the Cowgill dna data base.
  • Old style Quaker dates (e.g., 7d 8m 1671) have been converted to standard style (e.g., 7 Oct 1671).

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Edmund Cowgill, son of Edmund (?) and Ellen Cowgill, b ca 1672-1678, England, d before 1743, Bucks Co., PA, m(1) 29 May 1702, Middletown, Catherine Blaker, b ????, d 2 Apr 1703, probable dau of Johannes and Rebecca Bleicker of Northampton Twp, Bucks Co., PA; m(2) 1707 (2nd intentions 6 Oct 1707, Burlington MM), NJ, Ann Osborne. Edmund apparently moved to Burlington, NJ, before his second marriage.

Children: known are - Edmund (1st), Edmund (2nd), Elizabeth, Jennet


1  Edmund Cowgill (1st) b 10 Mar 1703, d 22 Mar 1703.


2  Edmund Cowgill (2nd) (also as Jr), weaver, b ca 1710, d 1768 (Letters of Administration dated first day of Aug 1768, Wrightstown, Bucks Co., PA), m(1) 3 Aug 1736, by license, Burlington Co., NJ, Margaret Mary (Jolly) Johnson, d 6 Jan 1751, age 42y 9m 18d, widow of John Johnson (whom she m 27 May 1729); m(2) 22 May 1753, Rebekah "Rebecca" Cooper, widow, of Bucks Co., who d in 1770, Buckingham Twp, Bucks Co., the date of appraisal of her estate being 12 Nov 1770. Rebekah's name appears as mother of a Jeremiah Cooper on said date, when he renounced administration on the estate of mother Rebekah, in favor of John Mier. Note: Edmund is sometimes written as Edward, both spellings at times appearing in the same document; the same applies to Rebekah and Rebecca (she signed her name “Rebekah”). Inventories for both estates of Edmund and Rebekah are on file in Bucks Co., PA. Edmund’s estate was insufficient to cover his outstanding debts; Rebecca renounced her interest in and administration of Edmund’s estate to Benjamin Hampton, “one of the greatest creditors”. 

From miscellaneous Falls Meeting Records: "Edmund Cowgill, who served an apprenticeship with a Friend of Falls Meeting and thus became a member therof, hath sundry times gone out in his marriages with women not of our religious persuasion. Disowned 2nd of third month 1763". Edmund appears in documents in Burlington Co., NJ, between 1732 to 1734; then on tax rolls in Bucks Co., PA 1742 to 1754 (Newtown); 1757 (Middletown); and 1763/1764 (Wrightstown). Note that the tax lists are incomplete.

Children: known are - Joseph, Sarah, Margaret, Septime, Elizabeth, Mary


1  Joseph Cowgill b 1746, d 5 Dec 1822 (Erie Gazette, 12 Dec 1822), age 76y, Erie, PA, m (name unknown, but alive in 1820 per census). Joseph is mentioned in his aunt's will (proved 1772) as receiving land due him from his father in Bucks Co., PA. A Joseph Cowgill who is likely this one appears on the 1790 tax list (but not on the census) in Mifflin Co., PA, there on the 1800/1810 censuses, then (1820) on the Erie Co. census. He was referred to as “the old Quaker” in one history of Erie. In Mifflin Co. on 26 Jun 1793, Joseph was the executor of the estate of Zephinah Stark. He was personally assessed for Window Tax, Houses of Lewiston, 1798, value $350, 2 story log house, 6 windows with 72 lights or panes, 24X20, a stable (add'l bldg). Joseph may have been an attorney as he is listed as “esq”on the 1800 census. He is also probably the Joseph who served during the Revolutionary War (or later?) as a private in the Bedford Co. (PA) Militia (part of Mifflin Co. later formed from Bedford Co.). His estate (a house and lot and other lots) is listed on the Erie Borough tax lists from 1823 (first year data available) until 1826, where it is shown as transferred to Jonah Cowgill. Edmund, grandfather of Joseph, was said (in an undated paper thought to be by Joseph Ewing Cowgill) to have had “only one male descendant in the fourth generation and he was still in Burlington”. This must have referred to Jonah, who located in fact in Erie Co.

Children: known are (assumed from 1810 census; the other male on the 1800 census would be son Jonah; need Joseph’s will, if such exists, or other confirming source) – dau (?), Jacob (?), Jonah, dau (?), son (?), son (?)


1  dau Cowgill b 5 May 1770, Mansfield, Chesterfield Twp, Burlington Co., NJ (not certain, but a Margaret Brady had a dau, this date and place, “said to be of Joseph Cogills” – see Chesterfield Township Births 1770-1785, Obert and Walker, Salt Lake City, 1973).


2  Jacob Cowgill b 1755-1774 (age range, 1800 census), m (name unknown). Listed (taxed as a married man) on Derry Twp, Mifflin Co., PA tax lists for 1789. His suspected father, Joseph, is listed in the same township (and in Armagh Twp also) in 1790. Jacob appears on the 1800 census in Mifflin Co., Wayne Twp. No further information. Jacob could be a mistake for Joseph by tax and census enumerator, but locations and family members argue for a separate person.

Children: known are (from 1800 Census, Mifflin Co., PA) -


1  son Cowgill b 1784-1794 (if GS of Joseph, must be near end of this range)


2  dau Cowgill b 1790-1800


3  dau Cowgill b 1790-1800


3  Jonah (Jonas) Cowgill b 1776, PA, d 16 Sep 1826 (Erie Gazette, 21 Sep 1826), aged 50y, Erie, PA, m (unknown date) Clarissa Cain, b 28 Feb 1786, d 7 Sep 1842, dau of Peter and Anna (Serviss) Cain (also as Kane). Both bur Erie Cem. (Sec. D). The occasional writings of Isaac Moorhead : with a sketch of his life, Erie, Pa.: A.H. Caughey, 1882, states Jonah lived at the corner of 10th and State Streets “in a neat log house”. Jonah appears on Erie Borough tax records from 1823 (first year records available) through 1826. The tax record lists “Jonah Cowgill heirs” in 1828 (no extant record for 1827) through 1834, when it notes his assets were transferred to F. Wittuck(?). Clarissa (also shown as Clara) is listed separately as “Mrs” and “widow” on borough tax lists from 1829 through 1833. Jonah was appointed Erie County surveyor by the governor in 1815 (11 May), and lost an election for county commissioner in 1819; he was the Erie Borough tax assessor in 1823 and 1824. Jonah served as a Cpl and Sgt in the PA Militia during the War of 1812, variously in the 17th Regt (Hall's), 11th Regt (Wallace's), and the 135th Regt (Christy's) (order of service uncertain).


    Jonah’s will “Jonah Cowgill, of Boro. of Erie, yeoman” (Willbook A, p17), dated 12 Sep 1826, recorded 6 Oct 1826, states: “All my real and personal estate in Boro. Of Erie: household goods, horses, cows, farming utensils, 2 house and 7 lots, etc. to be sold by Exrs. To my beloved wife, Clarissa Cowgill, 1/3 of remains as long as she remains my widow”. To my 6 children: Ann, Joseph, Peter, Edmond, Louisa, Rebecca Jane to receive equal shares of other 2/3 to be used for their support and educ., any balance remaining to be paid when they respectively arrive at age 18 (daus.) and 21 (sons). I wish my wife and children to live together until they become of age or marry, for the general support. If any child dies before reaching age or marrying, that child’s share to be equally divided between surviving ch. To my three sons, Joseph Cowgill, Peter Cowgill, and Edmond Cowgill, my farm in Mill Creek Twp., containing ca. 400 A., to be divided into 3 equal shares, having respect to quantity and quality; Joseph to have first choice, Peter second, and Edmond remaining. Exrs.: my wife, and my trusty friend John Phillips of Venango Twp.” Ebenezer D. Gunnison and David McKinney were appointed guardians of the children (Erie Court Proceedings, Vol 12, p 40, blk 7-9). As late as 1860, the Business Directory of Erie carried a listing “Jonas Cowgill Heirs”.

Children: known are – Ann, son?, Joseph, Peter, Edmond, Louisa, Rebecca Jane


1  Mary Ann Cowgill b 1812, PA, d bef 1880, m 3 Mar 1831, Erie, by Rev Lyon, Capt William Tyler Downs, b 1807, ME, d 7 Aug 1881, Detroit, MI. William was a lake captain by trade, living with a dau at time of death.


2  son Cowgill? b 1810-1820, d early (not mentioned in Jonah’s will - 1820 census has four males under ten, but may be a non-related household member).


3  Joseph C. Cowgill b 22 Mar 1815, PA, d 19 Mar 1852, aged 37y, Detroit (Erie Gazette, 1 Apr 1852; also mentioned in Early Settlers of Western New York, by Janet Wethy Foley, Akron, NY), bur Erie Cem. (his inscription on reverse side of Clarissa’s headstone). Shown (on census and City of Buffalo Commercial Advertiser Directory for 1850/1851) as a bookkeeper in Buffalo in 1850, living with brother Edmund and wife.


4  Peter Cowgill b 1815-1820, alive in 1826 when Jonah’s will was made. No further information.


5  Edmund (also as Edward, Edmond) L. Cowgill b ca 1820, PA, d bef 1860(?), m 13 May 1848, Erie Co., NY, Abba “Abby” Maria Paine (Payne?; a George Payne, age 50, was living with them in 1850), b Nov 1820, NY, d 3 Apr 1906, Chicago, age 86y 4m. Living in Buffalo in 1850s, where Edward is shown as a “coachman” on the 1850 census, and as “hackman, livery stable” 1851-1858 in City of Buffalo Commercial Advertiser Directory (is this the “Ed.” mentioned in Old Times in Erie?). Abby appears in Chicago on the 1900 census.

Child: possibly (although Abby claimed zero children in 1900) -


1  Maria Cowgill b ca 1856, NY. Maria shown living in Buffalo in 1860 with Andrew and Carline Cable. Maria is shown as having a $150 personal estate.


6  Louisa A. Cowgill b 1822/3 (from 1850 census), PA, d 23 Apr 1889, m 10 Oct 1847, Erie, by G. J. Ball, JP, Willard C. Bradey (Erie Gazette; Braley on 1850 census, Braily on 1860 census, Bradley on 1870 census), b ca 1820, NY. Willard was a farmer in Erie Co. They had a son Edmund on the 1870 census.


7  Rebecca Jane Cowgill b ca 1824, PA, d 15 Dec 1858, aged 34y, St Joseph, MO (Erie Gazette, 20 Jan 1859).


4  dau Cowgill b 1765-1784 (is this child 1?)


5  son Cowgill b 1794-1800 (but may be a non-related household member). No further information.


6  son Cowgill b 1794-1800 (but may be a non-related household member). No further information.


2  Sarah Cowgill, dau of Edmund Cowgill, Jr. Probably the Sarah Cowgill who m 14 Sep 1771, at Christ Church, Philadelphia, John Walker (PA Archives, Series 2, Vol 2, p57).


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3  Margaret Cowgill. The will of Margaret Budd, proved 10 May 1762 in Burlington Co., NJ, mentions "granddaughter Margaret Cowgill" as receiving 5 lbs; only survivor is dau Mary Budd; also ment granddau Elizabeth Ross (w of Alex Ross), Rebeckah Jolly, Mary Hopewell, Deborah Budd, & Margaret Budd. Could this be the Margaret Cowgill who m 26 Mar 1767, in PA, David Cake? Bob Hardie surmised this Margaret the same as the one on Page 415 in Cowgill History).


4  Septime Cowgill b ca 1747, m 13 May 1773, Burlington MH, NJ, Samuel Bunting Jr, b 29 Jul 1743, d ca 1781/2, son of Samuel and Hannah (Stockdell) Bunting of Bucks Co., PA. (See page 410, Cowgill History, for more on this family)


5  Elizabeth Cowgill b ca 1755 (?), dau of Edmund and Rebekah, m Samuel Barwis, tailor, d 1797, son of John Barwis. Samuel bought land in Falls Twp, Bucks Co., PA, 20 Jan 1785 (Vol 20, p376, Deeds, Bucks Co. Records). In 1797, Samuel Barwis and wife Elizabeth convey land and house to James Cooper (20:330, Bucks Co. Records), signed by Samuel and Elizabeth. At Samuel's death, Elizabeth and John Carlisle administered his estate. (See page 410, Cowgill History, for more on this family)


6  Mary Cowgill b the "18th of Nov in year of our Lord 1757, about 8 o'clock in the morning, on 6th day of the week." No further information.


3  Elizabeth Cowgill, dau of Edmund Cowgill, Sr, b 1718, d 5 Jan 1772, age 54, single. Elizabeth was a shopkeeper of Burlington, NJ. An obituary in the New York Gazette or The Weekly Post Boy of 13 Jan 1772, announced her death at Burlington “after a painful, lingering illness which she underwent with great Christian patience and resignation of mind. Her steady perserverance in a pious course of life rendered her much loved by her acquaintances, and she was not less remarkable for a kind, hospitable disposition, than for cheerfully undertaking to act the part of a parent to a number of motherless and orphan children – an example highly worthy of imitation! Her remains were decently interred the 7th instant in the Friend’s Burial Ground of that place, accompanied by a respectable number of her friends and neighbors”. Her will, dated 30 Nov 1770, proved 28 Jan 1772, named nephews Joseph Cowgill (land due him from his father in Bucks Co., PA); William Atkinson; nieces Sarah, Margaret, Septime Cowgill; Mary Watson; Elizabeth, Ann Atkinson, Jennet Atkinson; Elizabeth and Mary Cowgill.


4  Jennet Cowgill, d by 2 Jan 1760, m 8 Dec 1743, Burlington MM, NJ, as his first wife, Joseph Atkinson, b 5 Dec 1716, Bucks Co., PA, d 1780/81 (his will, dated 6 Nov 1780, proved 4 May 1781), son of William and Mary (Hough) Atkinson. Joseph m(2) 13 Apr 1762, Sarah Silver, cousin to first wife (Sarah was a dau of Mary Cowgill and Archibald Silver; see page 371, Cowgill History). (See page 410, Cowgill History, for more on this family)


Page 411




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4. Additional data on this family, on pp 142, 143, Vol II, Welcome Claimants, Penn's Colony.

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