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John Cowgill of Lothersdale Family Tree

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3  John Cowgill (“John of Lothersdale”), son of Bryan Cowgill, bapt 27 Sep 1572, Thornton in Craven, bur 23 Jul 1634, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m(1) 3 May 1601, Thornton in Craven, Margaret Gardiner; m(2) 4 Jun 1634, Colne, Mary (or Maria) Crosley, bur 9 Mar 1634/5, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven. John is not mentioned in his father’s will, but birth entry has “son of Brian”.

Children: known are – Edmund, John, James, William, Christopher, Elizabeth


1  Edmund Cowgill bapt 7 Feb 1601/2, Carleton in Craven, bur 15 Dec 1642, Thornton in Craven, m 30 Jun 1631, Thornton in Craven, Jenet Rideogh. Jenet is probably the “widow Gennett Cowgill” who received a bequest in Robert Cowgill’s will.

Children: known are – John, Edmund, James (?)


1  John Cowgill bapt 13 May 1632, Thornton in Craven, d early?


2  Edmund Cowgill bapt 23 Nov 1634, Thornton in Craven, probably the Edmund Cowgill bur 24 Apr 1675, St Andrew’s, Slaidburn (parish register has “de Sm”). This is probably the Edmond Cowgill listed on the Lady Day (25 Mar) Hearth Tax Lists for Staincliffe Wapentake in 1672 and 1674 as having one hearth/chimney in Carleton in Craven. Note: this Edmund is almost certainly head of the American Cowgill line that begins there in 1682 (see the discussion under The American Cowgill Family Tree on the Cowgills in America page).

Child: suspected is - Jane


1  Jane (?) Cowgill bapt 21 Dec 1664, Thornton in Craven (not sure of this placement, but the record has “daughter of Edmund”, and there is only one Edmund known to be alive at the time).


3  James(?) Cowgill bur 10 Jan 1642/3, Thornton in Craven (legible part of the burial record is “–cobus”).


2  John Cowgill ("John de Lane Head") bapt 19 Feb 1603/4, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 27 Apr 1692, Carleton in Craven, m(1) Elizabeth _____, bur 19 May 1639, Carleton in Craven; m(2) 1639, Gargrave, Margaret Stockdale, spinster aged 25, bur 19 Jun 1677, Carleton in Craven. This is probably the John Cowgill listed as a witness in a law suit at Carleton 1 Oct 1638, and one of the two John Cowgills listed on the Lady Day, 1672, Hearth Tax Lists for one hearth/chimney in Carleton in Craven.

Children: known are - Bartholomew, Mary, Jonathan, Jane, Margaret


1  Bartholomew Cowgill bapt 12 Mar 1631/2, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 20 Mar 1685/6, Carleton in Craven, m(1) Isabel ____, bur 28 Feb 1667/8, Carleton in Craven; m(2) Mary ____, bur 1 Feb 1684/5, Carleton in Craven. Bartholomew is not listed on the 1672 Hearth Tax Lists, but is on the list for the 1685 Lord Thanet’s Benefaction to the Poor of Craven (aka Lord Thanet's Dole). Note: the parish register at Carleton for the early 1660s is erratic, so Bartholomew may have been married there.

Children: known are - Elizabeth (1st), John, Elizabeth (2nd), William, Bartholomew


1  Elizabeth Cowgill (1st) bapt 21 Feb 1663, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 30 Jan 1665, Carleton in Craven.


2  John Cowgill bapt 12 Sep 1669, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 1 Jan 1690/1691, Carleton in Craven (bur record has the notation “John son of John alias Barth”). He is probably the John Cowgill in Carleton in Craven listed on the 1685 Lord Thanet’s Benefaction to the Poor of Craven (aka Lord Thanet's Dole). The amount, 6p, would indicate a man without a family to support.


3  Elizabeth Cowgill (2nd) bapt 22 Mar 1671/2, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven. This is either the Elizabeth Cowgill of Carleton who m John Blackburn 4 Apr 1700, or she could be the Elizabeth Cowgill of Carleton who was bur at St Mary’s 12 Jan 1711/1712.


4  William Cowgill bapt 23 Sep 1677, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 4 Jul 1709, Carleton in Craven, m 22 Sep 1698, Carleton in Craven (the marriage record has “William Jr”), Anne Jackson. Anne may be the Anne Cowgill who m 2 Mar 1711/12, Carleton in Craven, John Toogood (or this could be Anne, dau of Brian).


5  Bartholomew Cowgill bapt 2 Dec 1684, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven. No further information. Note: is he the Bartholomew Cowgill, described as "grandson" (possibly a misread of "godson") in Bartholomew Cowgill’s will of 1719, so was presumably alive at the time. Need to recheck original (although the available reading is by the Borthwick Institute).


2  Mary (or Maria) Cowgill bapt 9 Mar 1634/5, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 22 Mar 1634/5, Carleton in Craven.


3  Jonathan Cowgill bapt 6 Mar 1635/1636, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m(1) 18 Apr 1664, Carleton in Craven, Isabel Constantine, bur 5 May 1671, Carleton in Craven (“wife of Jonathan Cowgill Jr”), probably dau of Robert and Elizabeth (Brooks) Constantine; m(2) 11 Jan(?) 1672, Thornton in Craven, Ellen _____, bur 5 Aug 1680, Carleton in Craven.

Children: known are – John, Elizabeth, Mary (1st), Mary (2nd), Margaret, Ellen (?)


1  John Cowgill bapt 23 Jan 1664/5, bur 1 Apr 1665 (“infant”), St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven.


2  Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 10 Jun 1666, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 12 Jan 1711/1712 (although this may be the Elizabeth Cowgill of Carleton who m John Blackburn 4 Apr 1700).


3  Mary Cowgill (1st) bapt 23 May 1669, bur 4 Jan 1670/1, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven.


4  Mary Cowgill (2nd) bapt 18 Jan 1673/4, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven,


5  Margaret (Margret) Cowgill bapt 26 Nov 1676, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven,


6  Ellen Cowgill bur 9 Apr 1679, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven.


4  Jane Cowgill bapt 10 Oct 1640, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m 2 Jan 1670/1, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, Robert Woodworth. Note: this marriage may belong to Jane, dau of Jonathan, or to Jane, dau of Martin.


5  Margaret (as Margrett) Cowgill bapt 23 Dec 1648, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven. Is she the Margretta Cowgill bur 10 Sep? 1673, Thornton in Craven?


James Cowgill, son of John Cowgill of Lothersdale), bapt 2 Feb 1605/6, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m(1) Anne ____, bur 2 Apr 1646/7 (also as 1 Mar 1646/7), Carleton in Craven; m(2) 16 Nov 1648, Barnoldswick, Alice William. This is probably the James Cowgill on the Lady Day, 1672, Hearth Tax Lists for one hearth/chimney in Thornton in Craven.

Children: known are – Elizabeth, Jennett


1  Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 6 Sep 1640, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, probably the Elizabeth Cowgill who m 16 Oct 1665, Carleton in Craven, William Gawthorp. Elizabeth described as a spinster, aged 29, William as a yeoman, aged 38.


2  Jennett Cowgill bapt 16 Aug 1646, Barnoldswick, bur 27 Aug 1671,Thornton in Craven.


William Cowgill bapt 20 Dec 1607, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 13 Mar 1671/2, Carleton in Craven, m 12 Sep 1639, Carleton in Craven, Elizabeth Dale, spinster, aged 29, probably the Elizabeth Cowgill “of Carleton” bur 13 Mar 1675/6 at St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven. William described in parish records as a clothier, as yeoman in will records. On 4 May 1641, at West Riding Court, Knaresborough, William, laborer, and wife Elizabeth were accused of stealing 2 aprons (ventral), value 7s. Outcome of the action is unknown. William’s will, dated 6 Mar 1671 (probated 17 Mar 1672; vol 53 fol 535), provides "wife Elizabeth, dwelling house, farms, garden, where I now live; and my interest in a close called Sandholmes(?), devised to me by John Baxter of Carley Beck; I give unto Isabel & Alice my daughters, one sealed(?) bed with necessary & competent(?) furniture, and either of them one shift. Item I give unto Elizabeth my wife one cow lately bought of George Beasley. I give unto my said wife all the remainder of my household goods in brass, pewter, iron, wood vessel, woolen and linen and other household implements whatsoever. I give unto Edward Cowgill my son all my husbandry tools. Item as concerning all and singular my houses, barns, buildings, lands and tenements situate in the parish of Carleton not formally disposed of, and all the remainder of my personal estate I give the same to Edward my said son and his heirs and assigns forever, he paying out of the same unto Isabell 40 pounds and also to Alice my said daughter 40 pounds, the said items to be paid to them their heirs(?) or assignees within four years; to either of them the yearly payment of ten pounds until the said sum shall be fully received. Upon default shall enter one close Howbeckfield and into one other close called Stockbridge, all in the town fields of Carleton and now in my possession, and rents yearly renewing and increasing to receive and take to their own uses until the said sum shall be paid. I do nominate Edward & Elizabeth joint excrs of this my last will and testament.” Witnesses were Elizabeth Brice, William Gawthrop, Arthur Roberts, and William Hewitt. William is listed (conjointly as “Tho Patfield or Wm Cougill or Mr Ja Stead” ) on the Lady Day, 1672, Hearth Tax List for 2 hearth/chimneys “const” (under construction?) in Carleton in Craven.

Children: known are – John, Edward, Isabel, Alice, William


1  John Cowgill bapt 18 Dec 1639, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, d early (?). Note: John is not mentioned in William’s will; birth date rather close to m date (!), but this is most likely place for a John, son of William, bapt this date.


2  Edward Cowgill b 21 Jul 1641 (bapt 25 Jul 1641, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven), bur 10 Dec 1702, Carleton in Craven, m(1) Elizabeth ____ , bur 22 Jan 1666/7, Carleton in Craven; m(2) Elizabeth ____, bur 11 May 1700, Carleton in Craven. Neither of Edward’s marriages appear in the parish records. Edward is listed on the Hearth Tax List for Carleton in 1672 with two houses taxed. On 25 May 1684, "being Trinity Sunday Vicar of Carlton declares his assent & consent and read 39 articles of the Church of England in the parish church of Carlton before us whose names are here subscribed" (includes Edward, as warden?). Edward, as “yeoman”, left a will dated (probated?) 12 Dec 1702 … “devise unto William Cowgill my son that dwelling house wherein I now live with all the barns, buildings, stables, outhouses, orchards, gardens and other, and also all those two other dwelling houses situate in Carleton and now in the possession of Robert Baxter & John Cowgill, with all my barns, buildings, etc. Also all the lands, close, fields, meadows, pastures. Also the crops etc. Unto Susanna my eldest daughter, now wife of James Gawthrop, 15 pounds; to Elizabeth my second daughter the yearly sum of 20 shillings for four years plus 15 pounds; to Isabel my youngest daughter 20 shillings per year for six years plus 15 pounds." William Cowgill, executor (witnesses: John Thompson, John Ward, Roger Mitton, John Baxter).

Children: Susanna, Elizabeth, William, Isabell


1  Susanna Cowgill bapt 2 Jul 1674, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m 18 Jun 1696/7, Carleton in Craven, James Gawthrop.


2  Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 10 Jul 1676, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 31 May 1741, Carleton. Never married. Her will, dated 14 May 1741 (probated in Jun 1741), provides bequests to John and Martin Gawthrop, "my sister's children"; other bequests were made to children of Jane and Edward Harrison. John Harrison, executor. Note: Elizabeth appeared to have extensive land holdings.


3  William Cowgill bapt 9 Feb 1680/1, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 20 Jul 1717, Carleton in Craven, “bachelor” and yeoman. William’s will, dated 2 Apr 1715 (probated 20 Aug 1717), names sisters Elizabeth and Isabel as joint executors and provides bequests for brother-in-law James Gawthrop as well as to several of the Gawthrop children. He disposes of assets including a house at Cawsey (?); closes “now divided into three called commonly called Skacliffs situate in the Township of Carleton”; a “Meadow called Flockbridge(?) now in my possession”;  a “Meadow close called Trainmire now in my possession”; a “parcel of ground called Holling pasture and Meadow lying on both sides of the River Ayre”; the “ground I have in Stockbridge, together with one little Meadow called Howbeck with one close called Skellholme and Carleybeck”; and the “house in which I now live” including barns and gardens. He also left bequests to the poor of the parish.


4  Isabell Cowgill bapt 12 Feb 1683/4, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, probably the Isabel Cowgill who m 17 Jan 1717, Skipton, James Hartley, yeoman, “Isabell of Carleton”.


3  Isabel Cowgill bapt 3 Dec 1647, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m 10 Aug 1674, Carleton in Craven, William Middlebrough.


4  Alice Cowgill bapt 28 Jul 1650, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven,


5  William Cowgill bapt 29 Nov 1652, bur 20 Feb 1653, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven.


Christopher Cowgill bapt 18 Mar 1609/10, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 31 Dec 1633, Carleton in Craven, m ______. Christopher’s will, apparently dictated to someone else, is dated 28 Dec 1633 and reads: “Memoranda that upon the 28 day of December 1633 Christopher Cowgill of Lothersdale in the parish of Carleton in the diocese of York being sick in body but perfect & Sound in memorie did make his last will & testament ----upative in manner & form following. First he gave and bequeathed his soul unto God & his body to be buried in the churchyard of Carleton. And as concerning his worldly goods, he disposed of them as follows. First it was his mind & will that his debts should be payd forth of the whole goods; And then all that which remayned he gave to his wife for the bringing upp of his children. And of this his will he appointed his said wife his sole executrix.” Witnesses were Thomas ---ie Jun'r and Thomas Smith. Christopher’s widow may have died or remarried by 1652 as she appears to be omitted from Robert Cowgill’s will (although she could be the Jennett or Marie Cowgill who received one pound). Christopher must have married somewhere other than Carleton, and only James' birth is registered there.

Children: known are (the will indicates more than one) – James, Christopher (?), John (?)


1  James Cowgill bapt 27 Nov 1631, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, bur 14 Aug 1704, Bradford/Clayton, m 18 May 1669, St John the Baptist's, Halifax, Hannah Mirholl(?), bur 14 May 1712, Bradford/Clayton. James is first noted in Bradford/Clayton in 1672 when he is listed on the Lady Day (25 Mar) Hearth Tax Lists for Agbrigg/Morley Wapentakes as having one hearth/chimney. He is also listed there on a land tax list dated 1 Mar 1692, and a list for 1703. James’ will, dated 5 Jul 1704 (probated 20 Nov 1704, Pontefract) "I, James Cowgill of Clayton, Parish of Bradford, …, clothier, … unto John Cowgill of Clayton, my son, 20 pounds; … unto Marie Cowgill, my grandchild, late(?) daughter of James Cowgill, late my son, 10 pounds. Remainder of my personal effects to Hannah my now wife. I appoint said Hannah sole executrix.” James could be (but probably not) one of the two mentioned in Robert Cowgill’s will of 1652, either because he had left the area or because one of the unidentified females was his mother. Note: the James Cowgill of Bradford is assumed to be the son of Christopher simply because there is no other known surviving James Cowgill whose age would qualify him.

Children: known are – John, Martha, James


1  John Cowgill bapt 8 Jun 1670, Bradford, bur 3 Jun 1736, Bradford/Clayton, m Ann ____, bur 24 Apr 1727, Bradford/Clayton. John is listed on a land tax list for Bradford/Clayton dated 13 May 1703. John’s will was probated Dec 1736 (Yorkshire Wills p209). He mentions lands and a farm in Thornton/Bradford; "Thomas my only son"; and made other bequests to Israel and Hannah Robinson; Elizabeth Nichols, wife of Samuel Nichols; and Mary Wilkinson, widow of Northowram (note that son Thomas also made bequests to these families).

Children: thought to include (order uncertain) – Thomas, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary


1  Thomas Cowgill, d 1763 (need birth and bur record), m 6 Jun 1722, Bradford, Hannah Furnne. Thomas is listed in the Yorkshire Poll Book of 1734 as a Manningham freeholder, and in the 1741 book (dated 13 Jan 1741) as a freeholder at Wike (Wyke), Birstall Parish. He appears on a listing as the Overseer of Accounts for Manningham for 1860. Thomas is mentioned in a 1752/3 lawsuit by James Mitchell (James Mitchell v. James Murgatroyd, Thomas Cowgill), involving the estate of John Murgatroyd. He is also listed, as Thomas Cowgill of Manningham, in several deed transactions in the early 1760s. "In an indenture, dated 1749, made between Robert Ramsden, of Clayton, and Thomas Cowgill, yeoman, of Manningham, for the sum of 850, Ramsden released to Cowgill all that mansion called Trees in Manningham, with twelve closes of land abutting upon and belonging the same, called the Rook Croft, Great and Little Intack, Great Croft, Halfacre, Northfield, Maul Croft, Buckgreave, Flackroyd, Clayroyd, Holme, and Three-nooked Close" (quoted from Manningham, Heaton, and Allerton, townships of Bradford, treated historically and topographically by William Cudworth, 1896). The same book goes on to state Thomas was succeeded at Trees by his nephew, William Cowgill, from White Moor Side, near Colne (Note: this must be a mistake for Thomas’ executor and primary heir, Joseph Wilkinson, possibly a son of his sister Mary).


    Thomas’ will, dated 7 Jul 1763 (probated Nov 1763 York Exchequer Court, vol.107, f.540) named Joseph Wilkinson of Manningham as sole executor, and also bequeathed numerous properties to Joseph and his heirs. He also made bequests to James Cowgill of Stonehead in the parish of Kildwick and to Jonas Cowgill his brother (both 50), and 20 each to Mary, Elizabeth and Christian Nichols, Hannah the wife of Samuel Kitson, Ann the wife of Richard Mawhood, and Mary the wife of William Flothers, all of them children of Samuel Nichols late of Ecceshill by Elizabeth his wife. His primary beneficiary and executor, Joseph Wilkinson, d in 1798 (bur at Bradford on 12 Apr as "gentleman of Manningham"), apparently without family as he left (Yorkshire wills vol 142, fol 289) most of his estate to his housekeeper, Sarah Hitching ("who now lives with me"). Yet, by 1800 Thomas' lands were in the possession of a Thomas and John Cowgill, and a William Cowgill by the following year. Note: there must be a court document naming Sarah Kitching (who died in 1822 according to Cudworth), or a land transfer record from her estate to the Cowgills. More research needed. See the newspaper item mentioned under his cousin, Mary Cowgill Court, below.


2  Hannah Cowgill, m Israel Robinson. Israel is mentioned in Thomas Cowgill's will (1763) as being in possession of properties of his (Thomas's) in Thornton (of Bradford).


3  Elizabeth Cowgill, m Samuel Nichols, listed as a laborer of Eccleshill in 1733 (son Christopher’s baptism). Six of Elizabeth’s children received bequests in Thomas Cowgill’s will.


4  Mary Cowgill, m ____ Wilkinson (there was a Joseph Wilkinson of Northowram bur 7 Feb 1732). Mary was mentioned as a widow of Northowram in her father's will. The Joseph Wilkinson who was sole executor and primary beneficiary of Thomas Cowgill’s will was probably a son (likely the Joseph Wilkinson bur 12 Apr 1798 "Gentleman of Manningham" at Bradford).


2  Martha Cowgill bapt 5 Oct 1673, Bradford/Clayton, probably the “child” of James bur 16 Dec 1673.


3  James Cowgill bapt 29 Aug 1676, Bradford/Clayton, bur 20 Mar 1700, Bradford, m 31 Jan 1699/1700, Bradford, m Mary Audsley of Bradford. Mary remarried 17 May 1702 to John Cooke.

Child: known is - Mary


1  Mary (as Marie in her grandfather’s will) Cowgill b 1700 (bapt 13 Sep 1700 as “dau of Mary Audsley of Bradford”), Bradford, m 25 Mar 1722, Bradford, John Court, “a soldier”. The Leeds Intelligencer issue of 14 May 1798 carried a notice dated 1 May 1798: “ Mary Cowgill, then of Clayton, in the Parish of Bradford, in the said County of York … looking for children or grandchildren of John Court & Mary - "they will hear of something greatly to their advantage".


Christopher Cowgill, bur 11 Apr 1670, Otley, m 19 Nov 1668, Otley, Sarah Cave, bur 5 Jan 1673/4, Otley. Parish record has Christopher "of the pish of Adle (Adel) and Saragh Cave of the pish of Otley"; later at Bramhope, where Sarah is listed, as "the widow Cowgill", on the Hearth Tax Lists for Skyrack Wapentake, Lady Day, 1672. Note: this Christopher is assumed to belong here as one of the unnamed "children" referred to in the will. However, he may be instead a 3rd child of that name of the John Cowgill bapt 15 Jul 1610, although placement here seems more plausible.

Child: known is - John


1  John Cowgill bapt 20 Nov 1669, Bramhope, Otley, bur 17 Oct 1751, Otley, m(1) 16 Oct 1709, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Lidia Waddington, bur 2 Jun 1712, Otley; m(2) 26 May 1713, Fewston, Sara Beecroft, bapt 21 Mar 1677/8, St Michael's Church, Fewston, bur 24 Jun 1714, Otley; m(3) 5 Aug 1722, Otley, Elizabeth Lum, d Apr 1763, Otley. John was described in birth and death records as a carpenter of Otley; he was on a list of those to provide an able man (or serve themselves) in the king's service during the Jacobite rising of 1715; he is listed as a freeholder in Otley on a York poll dated 13 Jan 1741.

Child: known is - John


1  John Cowgill bapt 9 Sep 1710, Otley, bur 14 Feb 1748/9, Horsforth, m 26 Dec 1733, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Ann Stables. John was described as a laborer in Horsforth.

Children: known are – John, Lydia, William (?), Anne, Grace, Joseph, Susannah


1  John Cowgill bapt 16 Jun 1735, Horsforth, bur 4 Nov 1804, m(1) 8 May 1758, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Judith Marshall, b ca 1738, bur 13 Jun 1786, age 48, Guiseley; m(2) 8 Nov 1786, St Peter’s, Leeds, Martha Marsden. John was described as a clothier of Horsforth; of Rawdon at burial. Martha remarried 28 Oct 1805, Calverley, Thomas Battersby. This must be the John Cowgill who on 5 Dec 1757 was a witness to the marriage of Hannah Stables (his aunt?), and on 18 May 1790 witnessed the marriage of Elizabeth Stubbs.

Children: known are – Nancy, John, Joseph


1  Nancy Cowgill bapt 17 Aug 1760, St Oswald's,


2  John Cowgill b 17 Aug 1787 (bapt 9 Sep 1787, St Oswald’s), Yeadon, d 1840, m 24 Aug 1808, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Elizabeth “Betty” Hudson, b ca 1788 (an unverified source has b Idle, 7 Sep 1785), d 11 Jan 1859. John was described as a clothier of Yeadon.

Children: known are – Ann, Joseph, Martha, Mary, Thomas, Ellen, John


1  Ann Cowgill b 20 Sep 1809 (bapt 15 Oct 1809, St Oswald’s), Guiseley, m 11 Nov 1835, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, John Thompson Waugh. Ann and John had a son, William Cowgill Waugh, b 1838, d 1861 in Bradford (Little Horton). Another son, John Thompson Waugh (Jr), had a son William Cowgill Waugh, b 1889, Keighley.


2  Joseph Cowgill b 25 Jul 1811 (bapt 18 Aug 1811, St Oswald’s), Guiseley, d 1871, m 30 Sep 1844, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Mary Hocroft, b ca 1820, d 1887. By 1851 Joseph was a slubber in Yeadon; an agricultural laborer in Horsforth by 1861. In 1881 Mary was a lodger with her brother in Leeds.


3  Martha Cowgill b 17 Mar 1813 (bapt 18 Apr 1813, St Oswald’s), Guiseley, m(1) 4 Mar 1840, Guiseley, Robert Hemsley, a widower; m(2) 30 Dec 1842, St Peter’s, Leeds, Riley Waite.


4  Mary Cowgill b 22 Sep 1815 (bapt 15 Oct 1815, St Oswald’s), Guiseley, m 16 Apr 1838, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Irvine Hirst, b ca 1811. They had a son, John Cowgill Hirst, b 1840.


5  Thomas Hudson Cowgill bapt 19 Apr 1818, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, d 12 Apr 1890, Farsley, m(1) 30 Aug 1842, Otley Registrar's Office, Mary Ann Denison (also as Dennison), d 1850, dau of William and Jane Denison; m(2) 21 Apr 1851, Otley Registrar's Office, Elizabeth (Waite) Rawnsley, a widow with seven children, b 4 Feb 1816, Farsley, d 1888, Bradford, dau of Benjamin and Hannah (Fairbank) Waite. By 1851 Thomas was a clothier in Yeadon; a woolen weaver and clothier in Farsley by 1861.

Children: known are – William, Jane, Mary, Martha, Rizpah, John, Elizabeth, Ellen, Fairbank


1  William Cowgill b 1842, Yeadon, d 1900, m 21 Aug 1874, Bradford, Hannah Elizabeth Hall, b ca 1852. William was a cotton warp dresser in Batley by 1881. Hannah remarried, 1907, George Wigglesworth.

Child: known is - Jane


1  Jane Ellen Cowgill b 1886, Batley, m 1906, Fred Battye.


2  Jane Elizabeth Cowgill b 3 Jun 1844, Yeadon, m 19 Oct 1873, St Wilfred's, Farsley, George Walker, b ca 1853, son of Samuel Walker.


3  Mary Cowgill b 1845, Yeadon. With her parents in 1871 (the census has the comment “sick”), probably the Mary Cowgill who d 1871, Bradford.


4  Martha Ann Cowgill b 1848, Yeadon, d 1850 (need birth or death cert to verify this placement).


5  Rizpah Cowgill b 1851, Yeadon, m 1881, Bradford (need marriage cert to identify spouse).


6  John Thomas Cowgill b 8 May 1853, Farsley, d 10 Sep 1936, Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia, m(1) 29 Aug 1875, Bradford, Amelia Jane Isles, b ca 1853, dau of James and Susannah Isles; div? (need certs); m(2) 25 Sep 1881, St Stephen’s, Shepherds Bush (London), Elizabeth Sarah Page, b 30 May 1856, d 25 Nov 1934 in Croydon, New South Wales, Australia, dau of Albert Page. Amelia remarried in 1890 to Fred Helliwell; she and her children were lodgers with her parents in 1881. John (as Thomas) was a carpenter in London by 1881; in West Ham, Essex, by 1901. In 1909, John (as “J T”, age 53) departed London for Australia with wife Elizabeth (“E S”, age 50), and sons Percy (“P” age 26) and William (“W G”, age 13). They arrived Sydney 25 Jun 1909 aboard the Miltiades.

Children: known are – Wilfred, Herbert, Percy, Louisa, John, Alfred, Lilian, William


1  Wilfred Alexander Cowgill b 1876, Farsley, d 1906. This is probably the W. Cowgill listed on a Farsley Boer War Memorial as a private.


2  Herbert Cowgill b 1880, Farsley,


3  Percy Thomas Cowgill b 22 Sep 1882, Acton, Middlesex, d Dec 1928, Auburn, NSW, m 1914, Petersham, NSW, Mary Christene Gibson, b ca 1886, d Feb 1970, dau of Stephen Charles and Josephine Maude Gibson.

Children: known are – Josephine Elizabeth, Edith


1  Josephine Elizabeth Cowgill


2  Edith C. Cowgill, d 1924.


4  Louisa Sarah Cowgill b 1884, Acton, Middlesex, d 1885.


5  John Thomas Cowgill Jr b 1886, Acton, Middlesex, d 23 Mar 1945, m 1925, Sydney, Myrtle Emily May Croan, b ca 1887, d Aug 1971, dau of George and Emily Croan. John was a builder in Five Dock, NSW.


6  Alfred Page Cowgill b 3 Dec 1888, Acton, Middlesex, d 25 Aug 1889.


7  Lilian Elizabeth Cowgill b 22 Dec 1892, Acton, Middlesex, bur 31 Dec 1892, age 7d, St Mary’s, South Acton.


8  William Gladstone Cowgill b 15 Jul 1895, Canning Town, Essex, d 6 Sep 1979, Ashfield, NSW, m 30 Oct 1915, Haberfield, NSW, Wilhelmina Howitt Medcalf, b 12 Jul 1893, Summer Hill, NSW, d 12 Dec 1969, Haberfield, dau of Samuel W. and Louisa E. (Beechey) Medcalf. (Note: children from an on-line family tree).

Children: known are - Maxwell Leslie, Stanley Gladstone, Nora Elizabeth, William Earnest, John Fairbank


7  Elizabeth Cowgill b 1854, Farsley, d 1856.


8  Ellen Cowgill b 6 Feb 1856 (bapt 18 Sep 1856, Farsley Back Lane Methodist), Farsley, d 1875.


9  Fairbank Cowgill b 13 Aug 1858, Farsley, d 28 Apr 1933, m 25 Sep 1881, St Mark’s, Islington (London), Elizabeth Charlotte Cox, d 1947, age 89, dau of James Cox. Fairbank was a carpenter in London by 1881.

Children: known are – Ellen, Florence, Charles, Frederick, Arthur


1  Ellen Cowgill b 17 Oct 1882 (bapt 31 Oct 1882, All Saints', South Acton), Acton, Middlesex


2  Florence Cowgill b 28 Aug 1884 (bapt 22 Feb 1885, All Saints', South Acton), Acton, Middlesex , bur 26 Jun 1964, age 79, Holy Trinity.


3  Charles Fairbank Cowgill b 10 Oct 1887 (bapt 16 Sep 1888, All Saints', South Acton), Acton, Middlesex, bur 18 May 1889, St Mary's, Acton.


4  Frederick Fairbank Cowgill b 23 Jun 1890 (bapt 17 Aug 1890, All Saints', South Acton), Acton, Middlesex, d 12 Oct 1954, m 8 Aug 1919, Holy Trinity, Southall, Elsie Louise Cutland, b 27 Mar 1891, d 1983, dau of Charles Edwin Cutland.

Child: known is - Freda


1  Freda E. F. Cowgill b 1924


5  Arthur Fairbank Cowgill b 22 Sep 1892 (bapt 6 Nov 1892, All Saints', South Acton), Acton, Middlesex, d 1892.


6  Ellen Cowgill b ca 1823, Rawden, m 3 Apr 1847, Bradford, William Booth, b ca 1813. In 1851 William was an overlooker in Bradford.


7  John Cowgill bapt 25 Dec 1828, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, d 1894, m 22 Dec 1855, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Ann Forrest, b ca 1830, bur 25 Jun 1910. John was a slubber in Rawdon in 1851, later a woolen clothier; he was in Bradford by 1871; in Pudsey by 1891.

Children: known are – William, Herbert, Arthur, Samuel, Elizabeth, John


1  William Thomas Cowgill b 12 Nov 1856, Rawdon, d 1893, Bradford, m 25 Nov 1878, Kirkgate Chapel, Bradford, Selena Sylvia Pemberton, b ca 1857, d 15 Aug 1941, dau of Martha Pemberton. William and brother Herbert were mill workers in Bradford by 1871; William was a warp dresser there by 1881.

Children: known are – Elizabeth, Inez


1  Elizabeth Ellen Cowgill b 4 Mar 1879, Bradford, d 1950, m 1906, William Petcher, b ca 1881.


2  Inez Evaline Nestor Cowgill b 1885, Bradford, m 5 Aug 1911, Richmond Terrace Chapel, Bradford, Thomas Breaks.


2  Herbert Cowgill b 20 Dec 1857, Rawdon, d 1934, m(1) 24 Aug 1882, Richmond Terrace Chapel, Bradford, Emma Bateman, b ca 1857, Rawdon, d 1919; m(2) 15 Nov 1924, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Girlington Road, Ellen Swift, age 52, d 1953, dau of William Swift. Herbert and brother William were mill workers in Bradford by 1871; Herbert was alone in Rawdon by 1881; in Bradford as a wool sorter by 1891.

Children: known are – Albert, Thomas, Horace, Louis


1  Albert Cowgill b 4 Jul 1883, Rawdon


2  Thomas Bateman Cowgill b 2 Nov 1886, Bradford, d 1945, m 28 Jul 1915, Prospect Chapel, Chapel Lane, Allerton, Edith Moore, b ca 1885, d 1955. They lived in Breadsall, Derbyshire, in the 1940s.

Children: known are - Betty, Nancy, Albert, George


1  Betty Cowgill b 1916, Bradford, 


2  Nancy Cowgill b 1918, Bradford, m 1945, Derbyshire, Arthur L. Gibson.


3  Albert Moore Cowgill b 10 Nov 1921, d 20 Aug 1943 (bur Runnymede Memorial, Panel 146) in service during World War II. Albert was a Sgt in the 59th Sqdn, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.


4  George Douglas Cowgill b 10 Nov 1921, d 27 Nov 1966, m 1949, Kathleen Maud Mannion, b 13 Jun 1917, d 18 May 2000.

    Children: known are - Brian, Judith, Philip, Michael


    3  Philip Douglas Cowgill b 10 Oct 1955, d 8 Sep 1973.


3  Horace Cowgill (twin) b 22 Dec 1888, Bradford, d 10 May 1958, m 5 May 1923, United Methodist Church, Toller Lane, Bradford, Gertrude Robson, b 22 Mar 1889, d 1971, dau of William George Robson.

    Child: known is - Allan


1  Allan Robson Cowgill b 20 Jan 1931, d 2003, m 1956, Barton, Joan Horan.


4  Louis Cowgill (twin) b 22 Dec 1888, Bradford, d 1968, m(1) 20 Aug 1916, Prospect Chapel, Chapel Lane, Allerton, Miriam Booth, b ca 1879, d 21 Aug 1917; m(2) 18 Dec 1920, The Allerton Congregational Church, Annie Ward, a widow (nee Heaton?), b ca 1884, d 1957; m(3) 1963, Lily Parker.

    Child: known is - George


1  George Eric Cowgill b 1922, d 8 Mar 1942, age 19, a casualty of World War II, "Ordinary Signalman", bur Chatham Naval Memorial Cem., plot 58 3.


3  Arthur Cowgill b 10 Apr 1860, Rawdon, d 26 Nov 1918 (bur 29 Nov 1918), m Mary Braithwaite, b ca 1865, d 18 Aug 1934. Arthur was a boot and shoe maker in Guiseley.

Children: known are – Maggie, William


1  Maggie Cowgill b 3 Mar 1894, Rawdon, m 1917, Guiseley Methodist Church, Harold D. Myers.


2  William Thomas Cowgill b 18 Aug 1900, Guiseley, d 2 Mar 1959 (bur 6 Mar 1959).


4  Samuel Myers Cowgill b 1 Feb 1866, Rawdon, d 3 Nov 1935, m 1894, Calverley, Alice Gott, b 1866, d 2 Sep 1951. In 1901 Samuel was a weaving overlooker in Pudsey, in Rawdon by 1911.


5  Elizabeth Ellen Cowgill b 23 Apr 1867, Rawdon, d 1874, Bradford.


6  John Cowgill b 15 Sep 1870, Rawdon, bur 15 Nov 1933, m 1902, Back Lane Methodist Church, Farsley (Calverley), Ada Sanders, b ca 1873, d 28 Jan 1954. In 1901 John was a cloth presser at a mill in Pudsey. His mother and widowed aunt, Ellen Booth, were lodging with him. He was in Morley by 1911.

Children: known are – Alice, Sylvie, Louie, Ada


1  Alice Maud Cowgill b 1902, m 12 Oct 1929, Bank Hill Wesleyan Church, Albert Tillotson, age 24, son of Horace Tillotson. Alice was listed as a hospital patient, separate from her family in 1911.


   2  Edith Alma Sylvie Cowgill b 1906, Armley, m 1950, Cyril L. Cookson.


3  Louie Elisabeth Cowgill b 1907, Armley, m 16 Apr 1932, Banks Hill Wesleyan Chapel, New Bank Street, Morley, Fred Tillotson, b ca 1906, son of Horace Tillotson.


4  Ada L. Cowgill b 1913, Morley, m 1936, Sydney Marsh.


3  Joseph Cowgill, son of John and Martha (Marsden) Cowgill, b 21 Jan 1789 (bapt 15 Feb 1789, St Oswald’s), Yeadon, bur 8 Nov 1866, age 77, m 14 Apr 1814, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Elizabeth Mawson, b ca 1795, bur 24 Oct 1872, age 78. Joseph was described as a clothier of Rawdon; later as a woolen weaver and farmer of ten acres. Both bur St Peter's, Rawden.

Children: known are – William, John, Hannah


1  William Cowgill b 30 Jul 1816 (bapt 6 Oct 1816, St Oswald’s), Guiseley, d 27 Dec 1883. William was a weaver in Rawdon; the 1881 census describes him as “Gentleman”. Sister Hannah lodged with him.


2  John Cowgill bapt 26 Aug 1827, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, d 1848 (need death cert to verify), m 1847, Ann Craven, b ca 1826, d 1849 (need death cert to verify), dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Craven. John not located on the 1841 census. Sarah was a lodger with her aunt (Ann’s sister) in 1851 through 1871.

Child: known is - Sarah


1  Sarah Cowgill b 2 Jun 1848, Pool (bapt 7 Jan 1849, Addingham Methodist Church), m 1873, Keighley, Robert Waugh, b ca 1850. In 1881 Robert was a milk dealer and grocer in Skipton. They had a son, William Cowgill Waugh, b 1877 in Bradford Civil Dist.


3  Hannah (also as Ann) Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 21 Apr 1830, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, d 18 Feb 1908. She lodged with her brother until his death.


2  Lydia Cowgill, dau of John and Ann (Stables) Cowgill, bapt 28 Nov 1736, Horsforth, m 20 Dec 1779, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Joshua Briggs.


3  William Cowgill b ca 1739, Horsforth (?), bur 18 Nov 1804, aged 65, Beeston (Leeds), m 31 May 1762, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, Elizabeth Park, b ca 1732, bur 6 May 1807, aged 75, Beeston (Leeds). At marriage William was described as a clothier of Horsforth; later as a worsted comber in Leeds. His presumed brother, John Cowgill, was a witness at his wedding.

Children: known are – John, Susanna


1  John Cowgill bapt 4 Apr 1763, Beeston (Leeds), bur 21 Feb 1841, age 76, m 30 Jul 1787, St Peter’s, Leeds, Hannah Nelson, d 1842. John is listed as a millwright in Leeds in 1834.

Children: known are – Susanna, Mary, William, John, Hannah (1st), Elizabeth, Hannah (2nd)


1  Susanna Cowgill b 31 Jul 1788 (bapt 21 Sep 1788, St Peter's), Leeds, m 7 Dec 1815, St Peter's, William Proctor, a dyer. Susanna had earlier (1 Dec 1811) published banns for m to a John Oldfield, but there is no record the marriage took place.


2  Mary Cowgill b 27 Nov 1790 (bapt 25 Dec 1790, St Peter's), Leeds, m 23 Nov 1815, St Peter's, William Whitham, a woolcomber.


3  William Cowgill b 27 Oct 1792 (bapt 18 Nov 1792, Queen Street Independent Church), Leeds, d 18 Nov 1851 (bur 22 Nov 1851, age 59, St Michael and St Lawrence's, Fewston), m(1) 12 Mar 1818, St Peter’s, Leeds, Mary Ann Wright, b ca 1798, bur 26 Jan 1823, aged 26; m(2) 9 Nov 1823, St Peter’s, Sarah Thackray, b 1794, d 7 May 1850, age 56, St Michael and St Lawrence's, Fewston. In an Index to The Archbishop of York's Marriage Bonds & Allegations, William, 25, Leeds, posted bond 12 Mar 1818 for marriage to Mary Ann, 20, Leeds. William was a farmer of 35 acres in Fewston by 1841; he is the William Cowgill listed as a millwright in Leeds in 1834. William died from injuries sustained from a fall from his wagon while returning from Knaresborough.

Children: known are – Thomas, William, Ann


1  Thomas Wright Cowgill b 15 May 1820 (bapt 9 Jul 1820, St Peter’s), Leeds, d 1864, m 15 Jun 1840, St Peter’s, Catherine Hornsby, b ca 1819, d 1860s (death cert?), dau of Ann Hornsby. By 1841 Thomas was in Hunslet (Leeds) as an engineer (mechanic); in Holbeck (Leeds) by 1851.

Children: known are – Mary, Hannah, Emily, Elizabeth, Nora, Emma, William, George


1  Mary Ann Cowgill b 13 Jun 1841, Hunslet (Leeds), d 1871. Mary Ann was a tailoress in Leeds in 1871.


2  Hannah Cowgill b 15 Jun 1844, Hunslet (Leeds), bur 30 Nov 1853, St Matthew's, Holbeck. The Leeds Mercury edition of 3 Dec 1853 carried her obituary: “Hannah Coggill, a little girl ten years of age, lived with her parents at the Prince of Wales beerhouse, Mill Hill, her night clothes accidentally caught fire, d Monday”.


3  Emily Cowgill b 13 Aug 1846, Hunslet (Leeds), m 16 Apr 1877, St Peter’s, Leeds, John Haigh Berry, b ca 1846. Emily was a tailoress in Leeds in 1871, lodging with sister Mary Ann. John was a paper stainer in Leeds in 1881.


4  Elizabeth Cowgill b 1849, bur 22 Sep 1850, age 1y 4m, St Matthew's, Holbeck.


5  Nora Cowgill b 21 Nov 1851 (curiously, bapt 15 Dec 1851 in Holbeck and on 24 Dec 1854 in Hunslet), d early?


6  Emma Cowgill (birth record has Coldwell) b 1852, Holbeck (Leeds), d 1860s (no information after 1861)?


7  William Thomas Cowgill b 20 May 1853, bur 29 Oct 1856, age 3. Baptismal record at St Mary's, Hunslet lists name as Thomas William.


8  George Frederick Wright Cowgill b 1859, Holbeck (Leeds). By 1871 George was a scholar at the Leeds Moral and Industrial Training School for Pauper Children. No further information (is this the George Cowgill, age 28, who d 1889 in Burnley Civil District?).


2  William Thackray Cowgill b 18 Dec 1828 (bapt 26 Oct 1829, St Peter’s), Leeds, bur 13 Feb 1886, age 57, St Michael and St Lawrence's, Fewston. William was a farmer of his father’s 35 acres in Fewston.


3  Ann Cowgill b 11 Jul 1833 (bapt 25 Dec 1833, St Peter’s), Leeds, d 13 Sep 1873, m 1868, Horsforth, John Turner Thackwray, b ca 1833. Ann and John were lodging with her brother William in 1871.


4  John Cowgill b 25 Sep 1795 (bapt 5 Nov 1795, Queen Street Independent Church), Leeds, bur 24 May 1796.


5  Hannah Cowgill (1st) b ca 1798, bur 26 Sep 1802, age 4. No birth record, but burial record states Hannah was the dau of John of Beeston.


6  Elizabeth Cowgill b 2 Dec 1800 (bapt 11 Jan 1801, St Peter's), Leeds, bur 3 Dec 1801, aged 1, St Mary's, Beeston (Leeds).


7  Hannah Cowgill (2nd) bapt 19 Dec 1802, St Peter’s, Leeds, m 10 Mar 1824, St Peter’s, Leeds, William Barlow Mallorie, b ca 1804. By 1851 William was a railway station master in Weeton (Harewood).


2  Susanna Cowgill bapt 16 Apr 1769, Headingley (Leeds), bur 22 Dec 1787, aged 18, Beeston (Leeds).


4  Ann(e) Cowgill bapt 18 May 1741, Horsforth, m 1 Jun 1778, St Oswald’s, Guiseley, James Graham.


5  Grace Cowgill bapt 12 Jan 1743/4, Horsforth, bur 3 Jan 1777, Horsforth. Grace was described as a weaver of Horsforth.

Child: suspected is - Grace


Grace Cowgill bur 23 Dec 1766, Horsforth. Note: could not find a baptismal record for her.


6  Joseph Cowgill bapt 2 Nov 1746, Horsforth, bur 15 Jul 1828, age 82, St Michael & All Angels', Headingley (Leeds), m 21 Sep 1778, St Peter's, Leeds, Mary Ellis, bur 15 Jan 1826, age 69, Headingley. Joseph was described at marriage as a husbandman of Kirkstall.

Children: known are – John, Samuel, Joseph


1  John Cowgill bapt 6 Feb 1786, bapt Lane Particular Baptist, Bramley, Leeds. No further information.


2  Samuel Cowgill bapt 14 Aug 1789, bapt Lane Particular Baptist, Bramley, Leeds, bur 3 Mar 1833, aged 45, St Michael and All Angels, Headingley (Leeds).


3  Joseph Cowgill b 22 Aug 1792 (bapt Lane Particular Baptist, Bramley, Leeds), bur 26 Feb 1802, Headingley (Leeds).


7  Susannah Cowgill bapt 17 Sep 1749, Horsforth, bur 9 Jun 1753.


John Cowgill, m(1) 15 Jun 1668, Keighley, Mary Cure, bur 28 Feb 1675/6, Keighley; m(2) 28 Oct 1676, Keighley, Ann Garforth, b 1651, dau of John Garforth. In 1686 John appears on Lord Thanet’s Dole listing ("Kighley list of poore who are reall objects of Charrity") as a family of eight receiving 1s 0d. Note: John is assumed to be a brother of James, son of Christopher, based solely on the will of Thomas Cowgill, who named two of John's grandchildren as beneficiaries in his will.

Children: known are – Agnes, William (?), Elizabeth, Ann (1st), Ann (2nd), Margaret, Susanna, John, Grace, Mary, Jane


1  Agnes Cowgill bapt 24 Sep 1668, Keighley,


2  William Cowgill, bur 30 May 1718, Keighley, m _____. (William a possible son of John; need bapt cert to verify).

Children: known are – John, James, Mary


1  John Cowgill bapt 12 Mar 1703/4, St Andrew’s, Keighley,


2  James Cowgill bapt 2 Jun 1707, St Andrew’s, Keighley,


3  Mary Cowgill bapt 5 Mar 1709/10, St Andrew’s, Keighley, m 30 Mar 1730, Keighley, John Waddington.


3  Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 25 May 1671, bur 2 Feb 1687/8, Keighley.


4  Ann Cowgill (1st) bur 26 Sep 1673, Keighley.


5  Ann Cowgill (2nd) bapt 21 Apr 1674, Keighley, m 4 Jul 1702, St Andrew’s, Keighley, Richard Hudson.


6  Margaret Cowgill bapt 16 Dec 1677, Keighley, m 12 Feb 1700, Keighley, Thomas Moor.


7  Susanna Cowgill bapt 15 May 1681, Keighley, m 19 May 1703, Pudsey, Calverley Parish, John Wood, “both this par.” (Note: this marriage is a suspect link).


8  John Cowgill bapt 26 Aug 1683, Keighley, bur 26 Jan 1732/3 (record has "bachelr").


9  Grace Cowgill bapt 17 May 1685, Keighley, bur 20 Jul 1730, m 30 Jun 1716, St Andrew’s, Francis Sharpe.

Children: known are – James, Jonas (and ten more after marriage)


James Cowgill bapt 24 Feb 1705/6, St Andrew’s, Keighley, m _____ (was this Elizabeth, bur 18 Oct 1773?). James, described as a victualler of Stonehead, received 50 in the 1763 will of Thomas Cowgill.

Children: known are – Anne, William, Eleanor, Margaret, Martha


Anne Cowgill bapt 25 Jul 1731, St Andrew’s, Keighley,


William Cowgill bapt 24 Aug 1733, St Andrew’s, Keighley, d 6 Apr 1800 (bur 8 Apr 1800), age 67, of fever(?), m 25 Apr 1775, St Andrew’s, Elizabeth “Betty” Chambers, b ca 1734, d 31 May 1787, bur 2 Jun 1787, St Andrews. This must be the William mentioned in the Keighley Apprenticeship Papers of 8 Jun 1743 as "a poor child of Keighley" apprenticed to David Davy until age of 24 years, and the William (with wife Elizabeth) who signed a 4 Jul 1756 petition by Cowling Hill Baptist Church for a pastor of their own.

Child: known is - Elizabeth


Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 16 Jan 1777, St Andrew’s, Keighley, probably the Betty Cowgill who m 6 Nov 1796, St Andrew’s, William Smith. Betty was described as a spinster and a minor of this parish.


Eleanor Cowgill, m 10 May 1759, St Andrew’s, Keighley, David Mattock, a husbandman.


Margaret Cowgill, m 10 May 1759, St Andrew’s, Keighley, Christopher Emmott, a weaver. At marriage Margaret was described as a minor of Stonehead "by consent of her mother, Elizabeth".


Martha Cowgill, m 6 Jan 1763, St Andrew’s, Keighley, Christopher Emmott. Note: Martha is a presumed dau of James and Elizabeth.


Jonas Cowgill (“bastard son of Grace Cowgill”) bapt 5 Apr 1713, St Andrew’s, Keighley, d 30 Jan 1785 (bur 1 Feb 1785, aged 75, St Andrew’s, Keighley), m(1) 30 Dec 1740, Kildwick (“Jonas Cowgill of Steeton, Comber, & Elizabeth Whittham of Silsden Moor, Spinster, were married by Banns by me John Dehane”), Elizabeth Whitham, bapt 9 Jun 1706, bur 18 Oct 1773, St Andrew's, dau of Thomas and Susan (Wade) Whitham; m(2) 20 Apr 1775, St Andrew’s, Hannah Waring, a widow, bur 4 Jan 1784, aged 52, St Andrew’s. Jonas published banns on 8 Aug 1784 to marry spinster Jane Humble, but the banns were "stopped by his order" (parish record) before the following Sunday. Jonas, described as a woolcomber of Silsden Moor, and of Penfold at death, received 50 in the 1763 will of Thomas Cowgill.

Children: known are – John (1st), Grace, John (2nd), Elizabeth, Mary (?)


John Cowgill (1st) bapt 25 Oct 1741, St Andrews, Kildwick, bur 15 Feb 1747, Keighley.


Grace Cowgill bapt 21 Aug 1745, Keighley, m 26 Jul 1770, Keighley, Henry Bradshaw, a widower of Bingley. Grace had posted Banns earlier (6/13/20 Dec 1767) for m to William Baldwin, a batchelor and a minor, but apparently did not marry him.


John Cowgill (2nd) bapt 6 Dec 1747, Keighley, d 20 Nov 1787, bur 21 Nov 1787, aged 40, St Andrew’s, Keighley. The burial entry has John of “Workhouse”, dying of “decay” (cancer?).


Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 22 Apr 1750, Kildwick, m 26 Jul 1770, Keighley, John Holmes.


Mary Cowgill b 13 Mar 1785 (bapt 21 Mar 1785, St Andrew's, Keighley), Penfold, d 30 Mar 1785, bur 1 Apr 1785, St Andrew's, “dau of Jane Humble” (no father's name provided). Jane also had at least one other child, a William (no last name given), born 1787 out of wedlock.


10 Mary Cowgill bapt 11 Aug 1687, Keighley, m 26 Jan 1708, Bingley, Jonathan Heaton.


11 Jane Cowgill bapt 19 Jan 1689/1690, bur 5 Nov 1699, St Andrews, Keighley.


6  Elizabeth Cowgill, dau of John Cowgill of Lothersdale, bapt 14 Mar 1618/9, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m or d before 1652 as she is not mentioned in her uncle Robert’s will (she may be the mother of Barbara Barret, who is mentioned).


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