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John Colgill (Cowgill) Family Tree

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John Colgill, d 1521, Ilkley. His will dated 4 Nov 1520, probated 16 May 1521 (vol 9 fol 154) includes “my body to be buried in the parish church of Ilkley … The residue of all my goods not given and bequeathed above, my debts having been paid faithfully, I give and bequeath to Joan my wife and to William and Elizabeth my children whom I ordain and make my executors to dispose of my goods well and faithfully as seems best to them under the supervision of lord Thomas Jenkynson, vicar of Ilkley and John Stede. These being witnesses: the vicar of Ilkley, lord John Sheffield, John Stede and William Wood.”

Children: known are – William, Elizabeth


1  William Cowgill, d ca 1588, m ____ Midgely, bur 27 Nov 1593, Bingley. On 28 Nov 1588, a caveat was issued “lest anyone should prove the will or last testament of William Cowgill late of Ilkley in the diocese of York, deceased, or lest administration of the goods of the same deceased be granted to anyone before 29 December next, unless Thomas de Migeley of Ricrester in the parish of Bingley, executor of the same will, has first been summoned.”

Children: suspected are – John, Jane


1  John Cowgill b ????, bur 30? Aug 1661, All Saints', Ilkley, m(1) Jane Currer, dau of Henry Currer; m(2) 29 Sep 1629, St John’s, Baildon, Ann Leach. John (“of Ilkley”) was involved in a law suit in 1650. Note: the 2nd marriage and lawsuit may belong to John’s son John. However, son William’s will indicates his father (this John) was alive in 1658, so the 1628 burial must be his son’s.

Children: known are – Margaret, Thomas (?), Francis (son), Frances (dau), Joan, William, Henry, John


1  Margaret Cowgill. No birth record to confirm, but she is mentioned in the will of a Lucy Currer dated 14 Sep 1599, Langbar, Ilkley Parish where she (Margaret) is identified as a dau and along with a Mary Bartlett as an executrix.


2  Thomas Cowgill, bur 13 Mar 1626, Ilkley, m 20 Aug 1620, Ilkley, Mary (also as Maria and Miriam) Crier, bur 25 Jan 1627, Ilkley. Note: No birth record to confirm, but Thomas is likely another son of John.

Children: two known – Thomas, Frances


1  Thomas Cowgill bapt 2 Sep 1621, Ilkley, bur 14 Mar 1627, Ilkley.


2  Frances (as Francisca) Cowgill bapt 13 Apr 1626, Ilkley, bur 29 Apr 1628, Ilkley.


3  Francis Cowgill, d before 1658, m 12 May 1627, St John’s, Baildon, Jane (also as Jenet) Marshall, bur 16 Mar 1677/8, Baildon. No birth record to confirm, but mentioned in a codicil, dated 8 Oct 1603, to the will of Thomas Mawde or Maude (d 1603, bur Ilkley), for a bequest “to Francis Cowgill, son of John Cowgill, 5 which John owes him for a cow; and to the said John, for the use of Francis, the reversion of a parcel of ground called The Heades.” Also, his children are mentioned in brother William’s and brother Henry’s wills (see below). Jane (as Jenet) also received a bequest in William's will.

Children: known are – John, Lewis, Ann, William, Francis


1  John Cowgill bapt 7 Dec 1628, St John’s, Baildon, d early (not mentioned in uncle William’s or Henry’s wills).


2  Lewis Cowgill bapt 1 Jan 1631, St John’s, Baildon, d early (not mentioned in uncle William’s or Henry’s wills).


3  Ann Cowgill bapt 30 Dec 1633, St John’s, Baildon, m 1668, Leathley (license at Idle), Richard Wright, yeoman, aged 55.


4  William Cowgill bapt 2 May 1636, St John’s, Baildon, bur 20 Aug 1676, St John’s, m 20 Feb 1659 (as William Coggell), Calverley, Grace Turner. William is listed on the 25 Mar 1672 Hearth Tax List for 1 hearth/chimney in Baildon, but “with CED” (a certificate of poverty = no tax).

Children: known are – John, William, Mary, Sarah


1  John Cowgill b 3 Jan 1660/1, St John’s, Baildon, bur 25 Oct 1744, Ripley. John was described as a householder of Killinghall (in Ripley) in parish records. Was he married to Isabel of Killinghall, bur 17 Mar 1768, or was she another dau? Note: this is a postulated link - other data is needed to confirm. The Coghill family had a branch in this area before 1600.

Children: known are – William, Anne, Robert, Mary, Grace, John


1  William Cowgill bapt 5 Nov 1709, Ripley. No further information.


2  Anne Cowgill bapt 21 Feb 1713, Ripley, m 26 Sep 1733, All Saints’, Kirkby Overblow, William Atkinson, b ca 1711, of Harewood, by license "Granted by Mr Knight".


3  Robert Cowgill bapt 13 Apr 1716, Ripley, bur 15 Sep 1738, Ripley.


4  Mary Cowgill bapt 31 Jul 1720, Ripley, m 14 Feb 1757, Ripley, Matthew Hardcastle.

Child: known is - Mary


Mary Cowgill bapt 6 Mar 1743, Ripley (as Coggill), dau of Mary Coggill, Henry Edson supposed father of Littlethorp.


5  Grace Cowgill bapt 20 Oct 1723, Ripley, bur 8 Sep 1734, Ripley.


6  John Cowgill b ca 1725, bur 22 Nov 1825, Ripley, age 100, m 12 May 1767, Ripley, by banns (witnesses: Thomas Lund, Elizabeth Vevers), Mary Cowgill (mistake in the parish record?), b ca 1740, bur 9 Mar 1830, Ripley, age 90. At marriage, John was described as of Nidd parish, Mary of Ripley; John was later described as of Killinghall.

Children: known are – William, John


1  William Cowgill bapt 28 Feb 1768, Ripley, bur 30 Aug 1795, Hartwith cum Winsley (Kirkby Malzeard), m Sarah Simpson (need a marriage record). William was described as a cordwainer in 1793, of Burnt Yates at burial. Sarah remarried 3 Feb 1807, Ripley, Aaron Parker of Ripon.

Children: known are – John, Sarah


1  John Cowgill bapt 19 May 1793, Hartwith cum Winsley, bur 28 Mar 1846, age 53, m 30 Apr 1835, Ripley, as her 2nd husband, Mary Hudson, b 1795, d 27 Jan 1860, age 65. John was an innkeeper in Beckwithshaw in 1841; the widow Mary there in 1851. Both bur St Robert’s, Pannal.

Child: known is - Sarah


1  Sarah Jane Cowgill bapt 28 May 1837, St Robert’s, Pannal, d 1860, m 22 Jul 1854 (as Jane Cowgill), St Robert’s, John Lambert, b ca 1828, a farmer in Pannal.


2  Sarah Cowgill b 5 Apr 1796 (bapt 15 May 1796), Clint (Ripley). No further information.


2  John Cowgill bapt 11 Feb 1774, Ripley, bur 25 Dec 1785, Ripley.


2  William Cowgill bapt 5 Jul 1663, St John’s, Baildon. No further information.


3  Mary Cowgill b 24 Aug 1665 (bapt 9 Sep 1665, St John's), Baildon. No further information.


4  Sarah Cowgill bapt 1 Oct 1671, St John's, Baildon. No further information.


5  Francis Cowgill bapt 1 Oct 1643, Bingley (“the sonne of Francis Cowgill de Baildon”), bur 27 Feb (or 3 Feb?) 1711/12, Kirkby Overblow, m Ann(e) ____, bur 1 Feb 1724/5, Kirkby Overblow. Francis was a resident of Kirkby Overblow by 1671, described as a husbandman of Rigton. He and Anne were the subjects of a court proceeding in Apr 1682 for stealing 4 loads of hay from Phillip Tomlinson, value 26s 8d.

Children: known are – Anne, Sarah, Elizabeth, Isabel, Francis, Mary, Thomas, Jane


1  Anne Cowgill bapt 12 Feb 1670/1 (as Kowgill), All Saints', Kirkby Overblow, bur 29 Jul 1684.


2  Sarah Cowgill bapt 12 Feb 1670/1 (as Kowgill), All Saints', Kirkby Overblow, bur 21 Mar 1670/1.


3  Elizabeth Cowgill bapt 2 Nov 1673 (as Coghill), Kirkby Overblow. No further information.


4  Isabel Cowgill bapt 23 Jul 1676 (as Kogill), Kirkby Overblow. No further information.


5  Francis Cowgill bapt 11 Jan 1679/80 (as Kogill), Kirkby Overblow, bur 12 Sep 1739, St Michael & St Lawrence's, Fewston, m 3 Jun 1707, Otley, Sarah Pagett of Otley, bur 12 Mar 1762, Fewston. Francis was described as a yeoman at burial, Sarah of Norwood at her death.

Children: known are – Mary, Francis (1st), John, Francis (2nd)


1  Mary Cowgill bapt 2 Jun 1709, Kirkby Overblow. No further information.


2  Francis Cowgill (1st) bapt 26 Dec 1711, Kirkby Overblow, bur 3 (or 27?) Feb 1711/12, Kirkby Overblow.


3  John Cowgill bapt 25 Sep 1715 (as Coughill), Fewston. John is mentioned in Yorkshire deed records (Deedbook BD 382 448, dated 11 Dec 1765) in an indenture of feoffment involving property formerly owned by Thomas Cowgill (deceased), John being the closest living heir (as eldest surviving son of Francis, brother to Thomas). At the time of this document, John was described as resident in County Roscommon, Ireland. Could this be the John Cowgill who m 15 Jul 1746, St Benet & St Peter's, London, Eleanor Dickers? John was described as of G Inn Lane. He had children John and Joseph born in London. No further information.


4  Francis Cowgill (2nd) bapt 15 Nov 1719, Fewston, m 29 Jun 1738, Fewston, Rebecca Dobby. On baptismal records Francis was described as a farmer of Newhall (Newall?) in Otley (1742), and as a husbandman in Fewston. He was a church warden at Fewston for the year 1747.

Children: known are – Mary, Martha, Francis, Sarah, John


1  Mary Cowgill bapt 3 Jun 1739, Fewston. No further information.


2  Martha Cowgill bapt 28 May 1742, Otley, bur 30 Nov 1762, Fewston.


3  Francis Cowgill bapt 22 Jul 1744, Fewston, bur 24 Apr 1807, aged 61, Holy Trinity Micklegate, York, m 6 May 1781, Holy Trinity Micklegate, York, Catherine Mawson, bur 23 Jan 1814, Holy Trinity Micklegate. In his will (proved in the Court of York. IR 26/428), dated (or proved?) 2 Oct 1807, Francis is described as a "Stonemason of Holy Trinity in Micklegate in the city of York, Yorkshire". Catherine's will, dated 21 May 1811 (proved in Prerogative Court, p614, May 1814), mentions only her sisters.

Children: known are – Frances, Francis, John, Joseph


1  Frances Cowgill b 1 Jun 1782 (bapt 3 Jul 1782, All Saints Pavement & St Peter the Little, York), bur 7 May 1785, aged 2, Holy Trinity Micklegate, York.


2  Francis Cowgill b 31 Jan 1784 (bapt 10 Feb 1784, All Saints Pavement & St Peter the Little, York) , bur 19 Mar 1811, aged 27, Holy Trinity Micklegate, York.


3  John Cowgill bapt 22 Jun 1788, Holy Trinity Micklegate, York, d early (no mention in his mother’s will)?


4  Joseph Cowgill b 10 Mar 1790 (bapt 4 Apr 1790, Holy Trinity Micklegate, York), d (or bur?) 17 Oct 1791.


4  Sarah Cowgill bapt 5 Jul 1747, Fewston. No further information.


5  John Cowgill bapt 1 Jan 1751, Fewston, bur 24 Jul 1757 (as Job), Fewston, "son of Francis".

6  Mary Cowgill, dau of Francis and Anne Cowgill, bapt 28 May 1682 (as Kogill), Kirkby Overblow, m 9 Apr 1711, Harewood, John Masse.


7  Thomas Cowgill bapt 3 Feb 1687 (as Kogill), Kirkby Overblow, bur 10 Dec 1751, Kirkby Overblow, m 21 May 1716 (as Coghill), Kirkby Overblow, Mary Wade, bur 26 Feb 1765, Stainburn Chapel, Kirkby Overblow. Mary appears in Yorkshire deed records (Deedbook BD 382 447, dated 11 Jan 1765) in a document “memorial of a will made by Mary Cowgill late of Rigton, widow” which says she gave up all her real estate to John Baxter the younger of Knaresbrough, Gardiner. From another deedbook document (see above under John Cowgill), Thomas must have died without living heirs.


8  Jane Cowgill bapt 30 Mar 1690 (as Kogill), Kirkby Overblow, m 17 Jan 1716 (as Coughill), Kirkby Overblow, George Marshall of Harewood Parish.


4  Frances (as Francisca) Cowgill (twin), dau of John and Jane (Currer) Cowgill, b 3 Dec 1600, d 5 Dec 1600, All Saints', Ilkley.


5  Joan (as Johanna) Cowgill (twin) b 3 Dec 1600, d 5 Dec 1600, All Saints', Ilkley.


William (as Willmus) Cowgill bapt 23 Jun 1602, Ilkley, d 1658, Ilkley, m Ellen (or Ellin) ____, bur 2 Nov 1684, Ilkley. William’s will, probated 15 Sep 1658 (York reg vol 43 fol 355), husbandman, provides "to be buried in the churchyard at Ilkley … I give unto Henry Cowgill my brother 2 6”; further bequests of 2 6 to Jenet Cowgill, to Ann Cowgill, to William and Francis Cowgill; all residue to wife Ellin; “& whereas I am possessed of the moeity of one farm in Ilkley, belonging to the freehold of Gedbergh, my father John Cowgill having the other moeity during his life, all of which farm and the ???? rights thereof are to fall on me after his decease, … “. Wife Ellen, executrix; test Joseph Watkinson, Geo Strad, & Richard Gibson.


7  Henry Cowgill bapt 31 Mar 1605, Ilkley, bur 7 Mar 1662, m 1634, Margaret Cook, bur 28 Dec 1638, Ilkley. Henry’s will, probated 6 Mar 1662 (York reg vol 45 fol 548), husbandman, "to be bur in the parish churchyard at Ilkley, cousin George Currer, sons Wm of Rathmell?, 20p; to cousin(?) Ann Cowgill, the half part of lease of farm at Ilkley; if she marries with the approbation of my execrs; but if she does not, then to my seven kinsmen, viz my bro Francis' two sons, & my cousins Wm and Francis Barthil(Bartlett?); cousins Wm and Henry Currer, excrs; kinsman Wm Currer, John Walker, & Bryan Hardwick, supervisors. To Thomas Ambler our suit of clothes.”


8  John Cowgill bapt 20 Aug 1609, Ilkley, bur 23 Sep 1628, Ilkley (or was he? See note under his father, above).


2  Jane Cowgill bapt 4 Jun 1587, Bingley Parish, “dau of Will'm Cowgill & Jenet Rodley, Bast.” Jane is mentioned in the will of a Lucy Currer dated 14 Sep 1599, Langbar, Ilkley Parish  - “Jane to receive one pewter dish”. This may be the Jane Cogill who m 2 Jun 1618 at Guiseley, Henry Slater.

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