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James Cowgill Family Tree

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3  James Cowgill, son of Richard Cowgill, d before 1652, m 7 Mar 1621, Thornton in Craven, Anne Brown, bur 4 Dec 1675, Thornton in Craven. James, as surviving eldest son, was the executor of his father’s (Richard’s) will, receiving 2/3 of his father’s “tenement”. Robert Cowgill, in his will of 1652, refers to several of James’ children as “nephew” and “niece”. Anne’s will, dated 14 Dec 1675 (probated 19 Oct 1676, vol 57 fol 185), "I, Anne of Clough in the Parish of Thornton... now as touching the messuages, houses and tenements now in my possession hould (held?) on of the Lord of the Mannor of Thornton be lease with all my interest thereunto I give and bequeath unto Jennett wife of James Cowgill my daughter, & to her heirs she the said Jennett (per?)forming such conditions as are hereafter herein expressed, viz, to keep and maintain(?) John Cowgill my grandchild son of Christopher Cowgill my son deceased with meale(?), drinks, apparell & all other necessities fitt for such a child until he accomplish the full age of sixteen years, but if she refuse or neglect the keeping of the said child then it is my will and mind that Christopher Gill my son in law his heirs and assigns shall have and lawfully enjoy the same tenement with all my title and interest thereunto, he the said Chr Gill (per?)forming the maintaining of the said child as aforesaid. (Item?) I give and bequeath unto Anne my daughter four shillings, and as touching the rest of my goods my debts, legacies and .... discharged I give and bequeath unto Margaret Gill and Barbara Dodshon equally to be divided betwixt them and I do institute and appoint Jennett Cowill (sic) aforesaid my said daughter sole and whole executrix of this my last will and testament trusting she will perform the same according to my will and mind. ... It is further my will and mind that if Ann my daughter be dead that then any of her children shall have her legacie of four shillings."

Children: known are – Richard, Margaret, dau (name unknown), John, Bryan, Ann(e), Christopher, Barbara, Jenett


1  Richard Cowgill bapt 1 Nov 1622, Thornton in Craven, bur 28 Nov 1675, Thornton in Craven. Richard received a large bequest in Robert Cowgill’s will. He is listed on the 1672 Hearth Tax List for Thornton in Craven. Richard’s will, dated 9 Dec 1675 (probated 19 Oct 1676, vol 57 fol 185); "I, Richard Cowgill, of the Clough in the Parish of Thornton in Craven in the County of York, husbandman, allthough infirm and weak of body yet in very ------- and disposing memorie ..... do make & ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following .... and as concerning all singulor my lands & tenements which I lately bought and purchased to mind and assigned forever I give devise and bequeath the same unto Jennet Cowgill my Sister and to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten or to be begotten. She the said Jennet Cowgill and her heirs paying such payments & legacies as are hereafter expressed, viz unto Alice Johnson of Skipton the annual or yearly rent or payment of one pound three shillings and four pence through her natural life, all such ????s and funds and in such and manner as I have forenoted(?) to pay the same, and also unto John Cowgill my Nephew sonne of Christopher Cowgill my late brother do ??ased the sum of six shillings eight pounds yearly ????thed twenty eight of September for during(?) and until he shall obtain the full age of fourteen years and also paying unto the said John Cowgill the summe of fouow? pounds within the space of two years next after the decease of the said Alice Johnson and if it for????? the said Jennet to decease this natural life leaving no heirs of her body lawfully begotten then I give devise and bequeath the said lands before mentioned unto the said John Cowgill his heirs and assignees forever, (Item?) The said John Cowgill his heirs and assignees paying such yearly paymts as are before mentioned and shall remain unsatisfied and not discharged. Also I give and bequeath unto James Brown of Earby my Unkle one pair of breeches(?) and the rest of my apparroll I give and bequeath unto Rithard Cowgill my nephew sonne of my brother Bryan and the said John Cowgill equally betwixt them. It(em) I give unto the said John Cowgill all such goods as were his fathers & now in my possession and of this my last will and testament. I do constitute nominate and appoint the said Jennet Cowgill my Sistor my sole appointive ex hoping she will faithfully execute the same as my trust is in her reposed. ..... Memorand that the day and year above I Richard Cowgill testator do give & bequeath unto Anne Cowgill my Mother all and singulor my Messuage houses and tenement with all my Interest right & title thereunto.” Witnesses: James Shackleton, James Almondey(?) by his mark.


2  Margaret Cowgill bapt 4 Apr 1624, Thornton in Craven, m (according to her mother's will) Christopher Gill.


3  Mary Cowgill bapt 24 Jul 1625, Thornton in Craven, d before 1675 (not mentioned in her mother’s will). This is probably the Mary Cowgill, described as “niece” (James’ other children were described as nieces and nephews) in her cousin Robert Cowgill’s will.


4  John Cowgill bapt 22 Apr 1627, Thornton in Craven, d early? John is not mentioned in Robert Cowgill’s will, nor in the wills of his mother or brother Richard. He could be the John Cowgill bur 14 Jan 1661/2 at Thornton in Craven, although that would more likely be the John Cowgill “of Earby” bapt 15 Jul 1610 (see his entry).


5  Bryan (also as Brian) Cowgill bapt 1 Nov (or Sep?) 1628, Thornton in Craven, bur 27 Apr 1705, Colne, m Mary Anderton, bur 3 Feb 1715 ("widow of Trawden"). Bryan was in Trawden by 1660 and is listed on the 1664 Hearth Tax list as having two chimneys or hearths, which meant he was of moderate means. He received a bequest in Robert Cowgill’s will of 1652 and was mentioned in brother Richard’s will of 1675 (see above), who specified that brother Christopher was deceased but did not do so for Bryan. Neither he nor any of his children were mentioned in his mother's will. Note: It is possible that this Brian and his line belong instead to the Brian, son of Christopher, b 1625. See Bryan's page for his line.


6  Anne Cowgill, dau of James and Anne (Brown) Cowgill, bapt 13 May 1632, Thornton in Craven. This is probably the Annisse Cowgill mentioned in Robert Cowgill’s will. Anne is mentioned in her mother’s will, curiously, “if Ann my daughter be dead that then any of her children shall have her legacie of four shillings." This would seem to indicate that her mother did not know her whereabouts.


7  Christopher Cowgill bapt 4 May 1634, Thornton in Craven, d 1677?, m Mary (or Marie) ____, probably the widow Mary Cowgill bur 3/5 Sep 1700, Thornton in Craven. Christopher was described as a husbandman of Harden in Yorkshire records. His will, dated 20 Feb 1676, probated 22 May 1677 (vol 57 fol 393), provides "I, Christopher Cowgill of Harden in the Parish of Thornton in Craven, ...., husbandman, ...... Now as touching my worldly Estate, .... after my debts and funeral expenses are discharged it is my will and mind that Marie my wife shall have one full third of those of which of right to her doth belong according to the custom of the Diocese wherein I live. Item. I give unto John Cowgill my sonn all and singular my Implements of Husbandrie and for and in consideration that I have bestowed something upon Jennitt Steele my Eldest Daughter I give and bequeath unto the said Jennitt the sum of fortie shillings; also I give unto Anne Steele her Daughter fortie shillings to be payd to her when she shall come to lawfull years of age to chuse a guardian and so give an aquittants for the ???? and for another third (part/portion?) of my goods I give and bequeath unto John Cowgill my sonne, Elizabeth, Marie, Priscilla, and Margrett Cowgill my Daughters equally to be divided amongst them; And for the last third (part/portion?) I give and bequeath out of the same unto Marie my wife five pounds. And the rest of the said third (part/portion?) I give unto my five children John Cowgill my son, Elizabeth, Marie, Priscilla, and Margrett Cowgill upon condition that they nor anie of theym shall demand any Interest for anie legasie given unto them or anie of theym by Jonathan Mitchell .. " (illegible, but seems to indicate loss of bequest if his will is challenged). Wife Marie and son John, joint execs. Witnesses: John Drybor(?), John Swindon, James Shackleton. This is probably the Christopher Cowgill on the 1672/3 Hearth Tax lists for Thornton in Craven (or was that the Christopher bapt 18 Jun 1637?). Note: There is a problem with the dates here. Christopher’s will is dated 1676, yet in his mother’s and brother Richard’s wills of 1675 he is described as deceased. There is no burial record for him.

Children: known are (order uncertain) – Jennet, Elizabeth, Mary (Marie), Priscilla, Margaret, John


1  Jennet Cowgill, m ____ Steele. Her dau Anne Steele received an equivalent bequest (to Jennet’s) in Christopher Cowgill’s will.


2  Elizabeth Cowgill


3  Mary (or Marie) Cowgill


4  Priscilla Cowgill


5  Margaret Cowgill bapt 2 Dec 1656, St Bartholomew's, Colne (a printed version of the register has “at Marsden”)


6  John Cowgill b after 1661 (under fourteen in 1675), bur 17 Jun 1727, Thornton in Craven, described in the parish record as a “textor” (i.e., a weaver) of Harden. This must be the John Cowgill of Thornton parish who purchased property in 1689 by feoffment from Christopher Robinson. On 2 Nov 1694, John signed a lease from Christopher Lister for 21 years “Of a house and closes in Harden”. This is probably one of the two John Cowgills on the 1696 Association Oath Rolls for Staincliffe Wapentake, and the John Cowgill who was a church warden at Thornton in Craven for 1707. His estate was administered by nephew Christopher Hartley, presumably a son of one of John’s sisters. A document dated 1718 contains a transfer, apparently from John, to Ellen Hartley (nee Cowgill?) and her dau Ann Hartley, which they later (1725) sold to a John Bradley.


8  Barbara Cowgill bapt 14 Apr 1636, Thornton in Craven, m ____ Dodshon (?).


9  Jenett(a) Cowgill bapt 23 Sep 1638, Thornton in Craven, bur 9 Sep 1710, Thornton in Craven, m 17 Jun 1675, Thornton in Craven, her cousin, James Cowgill, b 1640, d 1724, son of Joseph and Margaret (Wharffe) Cowgill. Jenett was executrix of her mother’s will, and received lands in the will of her brother, Richard. (See children under entry for James Cowgill, son of Bartholomew).

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