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Bryan Cowgill Family Tree

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1  Bryan (or Brian) Cowgill, son of Richard Cowgill, b 1540s(?), bur 7 Aug 1599, Thornton in Craven, m Ellen ____. Bryan’s will, dated 13 Jul 1599 (probated 21 Oct 1599; vol 27 fol 697), “Bryan Cowgill of Thornton in Craven July 15, 1599, Sick, Eld son of Richard (space) 1/2 of his tenements according to certain articles made between the said Bryan Cowgill and the said Richard at and before the marriage of the said Richard and that Ellen Cowgill his W. should have the other half during her widowhood and Residence. To his six children viz: Robert, Mary, Christopher, William, Margaret, Barbara Cowgill: Equally wife Ellen and son Bartholomew Excrs-Test. Christopher for wife. Signed John Mitchell Sr. and Richard Cowgill probated Oct 21, 1599”.

Children: known are (six claimed in the will, a seventh named as executor; others from birth records) - Rosamund, Bartholomew, John, Barbara, Robert, Emery, Christopher, Alice, William, Margaret, Mary


1  Rosamund Cowgill bapt 7 Dec 1567, Thornton in Craven, d early (not mentioned in her father’s will; she may be the R???? Cowgill bur 5 Feb 1586/7, Thornton in Craven, although that might be Robert Cowgill, above).


2  Bartholomew Cowgill bapt 23 Aug 1570, Thornton in Craven, bur 27 Oct 1637, Carleton in Craven, m(1) 15 Sep 1599, Thornton in Craven, Jane (also as Jean) Whytehead, bur 5 Nov 1630, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven; m(2) Elizabeth _____, bur 20 Mar 1636/7, Carleton in Craven. See Bartholomew's page for his line.


3  John Cowgill (“John of Lothersdale”), son of Bryan Cowgill, bapt 27 Sep 1572, Thornton in Craven, bur 23 Jul 1634, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m(1) 3 May 1601, Thornton in Craven, Margaret Gardiner; m(2) 4 Jun 1634, Colne, Mary (or Maria) Crosley, bur 9 Mar 1634/5, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven. John is not mentioned in his father’s will, but birth entry has “son of Brian”. See John's page for his line.


4  Barbara Cowgill, dau of Bryan and Ellen Cowgill, bapt 25 Sep 1574, Thornton in Craven, m 3 Mar 1602, St Mary’s, Thornton in Craven, William Smith. Several of her children received bequests in her brother Robert’s will.


5  Robert Cowgill bapt 16 Aug 1576, Thornton in Craven, bur 28 Dec 1652, St Mary's, Carleton in Craven, m Alice ____. See Robert's page for his line.


6  Emery Cowgill bapt 7 Aug 1579, Thornton in Craven, m(1) 26 Sep 1606, Thornton in Craven, Gellian (or Gillian) Netherwood, bur 16 Dec 1635, St Andrews in Kildwick in Craven; m(2) 22 Aug 1636, Gargrave, Elizabeth Smithson. Emery was not mentioned in his father’s will, but his birth entry has “son of Brian”, and he is described as “my brother Embrie” in Robert Cowgill’s will. The death entry for Gellian describes Emery as “of Cononley”, near Lothersdale. Elizabeth is probably the widow Isabella Cowgill who married 18 Jun 1663 at Gargrave, Robert Dawson, yeoman, aged 36 (Isabella aged 50).

Child: only one known is - Ann


1  Ann Cowgill bapt 29 Jul 1638, Gargrave. Is this the Anna Cowgill “of Gedbecke” (unlocated), bur 9 May 1646 at Gisburn?


7  Christopher Cowgill bapt 25 Oct 1583, Thornton in Craven, d before 1652, m 21 Dec 1617, Kirkby Malham Parish, Agnes Iveson. See Christopher's page for his line.


8  Alice Cowgill bapt 15 Sep 1586, Thornton in Craven, bur 31 Mar 1587, Thornton in Craven. Birth entry has “dau of Brian”.


9  William Cowgill bapt 22 Feb 1588, Thornton in Craven, d before 1652 (?), m ____. Note: what follows assumes William, son of Bryan, is the “correct” William for this line. This line may well belong to William, son of Richard, although this William’s brother, Robert Cowgill, refers in his will to Robert Cowgill (son of William, below) as his “nephew”. But Robert, in his will, also called children of his uncle, James Cowgill, nieces and nephews when they were actually cousins.

Children: known are – Robert, James (?), Christopher, William, Alice


1  Robert Cowgill bapt 29 Apr 1632, Thornton in Craven, d before 1671? Robert received a bequest in his uncle Robert Cowgill’s will. Since sister Alice was named administrator of brother James’ will, Robert may have died by then.


2  James Cowgill bapt 7 Jun 1635 (a son of William, name illegible, was bapt this date), Thornton in Craven, d 1671. This would appear to be the James Cowgill, apparently of Thornton, who received a bequest in Robert Cowgill’s will. Admin of his estate was assigned to sister Alice Cowgill 30 Mar 1671 (Yorkshire Wills prob fol 35).


3  Christopher Cowgill bapt 18 Jun 1637, Thornton in Craven, bur 23 Sep 1683, Thornton in Craven, likely husband of Alice Cowgill, bur 16 Jan 1675.


4  William Cowgill bapt 19 Jan 1639, Thornton in Craven, bur 25 Jan 1639.


5  Alice Cowgill bapt 3 Jul 1642, Thornton in Craven. No further information.


10 Margaret Cowgill, m 24 Jun 1605, Thornton in Craven, ---men (or was it Jenkinson? A Margaret Jenkinson witnessed Bartholomew Cowgill’s will). Margaret must have died by 1652 without issue as she is omitted in Robert Cowgill’s will.


11 Mary Cowgill. Mentioned in her father’s will. She may be the Marie Cowgill in brother Robert’s will, although she is not mentioned as “sister” (his other siblings were designated as such).

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