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Bartholomew Cowgill Family Tree

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2  Bartholomew Cowgill, son of Bryan and Ellen Cowgill, bapt 23 Aug 1570, Thornton in Craven, bur 27 Oct 1637, Carleton in Craven, m(1) 15 Sep 1599, Thornton in Craven, Jane (also as Jean) Whytehead, bur 5 Nov 1630, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven; m(2) Elizabeth _____, bur 20 Mar 1636/7, Carleton in Craven. Bartholomew left a will, dated 23 May 163? (Yorkshire will prob Oct 1637) “ … I give unto Joanna my wife the sum of twenty pounds besides the household stuff (that?) I have in my house at Marton (saving?) two (cou????) of my son Joseph  & one (soft?) (bed?) that my wife shall have use of as long as she shall live, the (bed?) (illeg) on(?) son Joseph, I give to my son; Also I give (words lined out) unto Martin Cowgell my oldest son the sum of four pounds; also unto Bryan Cowgell if he call for it (the?) (illeg) (illeg); Also I give unto Jonathan Cowgell my third son four pounds, and to John Cowgell my fourth son four pounds (illeg); I give unto my son Joseph, my youngest son, the sum of five pounds beside the before mentioned; for the rest of my goods & meens howsoever the (l??th?), my funeral expenses discharged, I give unto my four sons Martin, Jonathan, John & Joseph Cowgell equally to be divided, and of this my last will & Testament I make Jonathan Cowgell my executor.” Witnesses: Henry Driver, Margaret Jenkinson (probably Bartholomew’s sister). Note: Bartholomew must have written his will early (i.e., before his wife Jane/Joanna died). The burial entry (20 Mar 1636/7 at Carleton in Craven) for Elizabeth Cowgill states “wife of Bartho”, and no other Bartholomew was there at the time. Might "wife" be a mistake for "daughter" as the parish record contains no second marriage and he made no mention of his daughters in his will. He (Bartholomew) seems not to have favored son Bryan.

Children: known are – Martin, Barbara, Bryan, Helena, Jonathan, John, Joseph


1  Martin Cowgill bapt 20 Nov (also as 10 Nov) 1600, Carleton in Craven, bur 9? Mar 1664 (or was this his son Martin?), Carleton in Craven, m 7 Aug 1632, St Mary’s, Ann Bannister.

Children: known are – Jane, Anna, Martin (1st), Martin (2nd), Margaretta, Joseph


1  Jane Cowgill bapt 7 Jul 1633, Carleton in Craven, m 24 Jun 1669, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, William Browne. Note: this marriage may belong to Jane, dau of Jonathan, or to Jane, dau of John.


2  Anna (or Anne) Cowgill bapt 24 Jan 1635/6, Carleton in Craven, m 1 Dec 1670, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, John Taylor.


3  Martin Cowgill (1st) bapt 26 Aug 1638, Thornton in Craven, d before 1641.


4  Martin Cowgill (2nd) bapt 9 May 1641, Thornton in Craven, d early (no further mention)?


5  Margaretta Cowgill bapt 14 Aug 1642, Thornton in Craven


6  Joseph Cowgill, bur 6 Jan 1647/8, Carleton in Craven.


2  Barbara Cowgill, dau of Batholomew Cowgill, bapt 26 Sep 1602, Carleton in Craven, bur Jan 1609/10, Thornton in Craven.


3  Bryan (also as Brian) Cowgill bapt 5 Aug 1604, Carleton in Craven, d 17 Aug 1673, bur St Andrew’s, Brympton D'Evercy, Somerset. Bryan entered Cambridge in 1624, “sizar” (meaning he had to work to pay his tuition), receiving a B.A. from Corpus Christi College in 1627, and an M.A. from Trinity College in 1634. In 1647 he is shown as a clerk, age 40, in West Dereham, Norfolk (referenced in a legal suit); as rector at St Andrew’s in 1662, but may have been there earlier (1662 is the first year available in the parish records), and was apparently rector there up until his death. He appears on the Somerset Hearth Tax exemption list dated 23 Mar 1670 for Brimpton, which has seven names including Bryan Congall, rector. His name also appears on a listing of sufferers from loyalty to Charles I in the Yorkshire Royalist composition papers, or the proceedings of the Committee for Compounding with Delinquents during the Commonwealth. Curiously, his bequest in his father’s will contains the phrase “if he call for it (or the)”, and he is pointedly omitted from the division of remaining estate assets among Bartholomew’s sons.


4  Helena Cowgill bapt 1 Jan 1606, Thornton in Craven, bur 11 Feb 1606, Thornton in Craven.


Jonathan Cowgill b between 1607 - 1609, bur 31 Mar 1679, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m 13 Apr 1637, All Saints’, Broughton, Frances? Driver, probably the Frances Cowgill bur ?? Feb 1690/1 at St Mary’s. No birth record for Jonathan, but he is mentioned in his father’s will (1637) as “my third son”. Jonathan was the co-executor (with Alice Cowgill) of his uncle’s, Robert Cowgill’s, will, in which he received bequests of lands and money in preference to Robert’s surviving son. Jonathan, apparently this one, is listed as a church warden at St Mary’s in 1663 and 1669; he is listed on the Lady Day, 1672, Hearth Tax Lists for a hearth/chimney in Carleton in Craven.

Children: known are – Jane, John


1  Jane Cowgill bapt 28 Mar 1637/8, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, m 6 Jul 1665, All Saints’, Broughton, William Taylor of Thornton, "Jane of Carleton". Note: this marriage may belong to Jane, dau of Martin, or to Jane, dau of John.


2  John Cowgill bapt 8 Jul 1640, Carleton in Craven, bur 17 Oct 1698 (as John Cowgill Jun'r), Carleton in Craven, m ???. This is possibly one of the two John Cowgills listed on the Lady Day, 1672, Hearth Tax Lists for one hearth/chimney in Carleton in Craven. Note: it is possible that the marriage and all or some of the children listed for the John Cowgill bapt 1 Sep 1639 belong instead to this John Cowgill. Both apparently lived near Kirk Hill, and the parish clerk appeared to use the terms "of Kirk Hill" and "John Jun'r" to refer to either one as well as the John Cowgill bapt 27 Sep 1671.


John Cowgill bapt 15 Jul 1610, Thornton in Craven, bur 14 Jan 1661/2 (?), Thornton in Craven, m 4 Jul 1639, Thornton in Craven, Margaret (as Margaretta) Windle. This must be the “John Cowgill of Earbie” who received a bequest in his uncle Robert’s will of 1652. There is extant a copy of a grant dated 6 Jun 1652 “Of a house and land etc in Earby called John Cowgill Tenement for 95, rent of 4d per annum and suit to the court and mill of William Lister”. John is not on the 1672 Hearth Tax Lists, so presumably d before then. Note: the bur date for John could be instead for the John Cowgill bapt 22 Apr 1627.

Children: known are – Christopher (1st), Christopher (2nd) , Agnes (?), John


1  Christopher Cowgill (1st) bapt 26 Apr 1640, Thornton in Craven, d early.


2  Christopher Cowgill (2nd) bapt 6 Jun 1641, bur 11 Jun 1641, Thornton in Craven.


3  Arhos? (Agnes?; record has as a dau) Cowgill bapt 10 Jan 1641/2, Thornton in Craven


4  John Cowgill bapt 17 Sep 1643, Thornton in Craven, d early?


Joseph Cowgill bapt 22 Dec 1616, Thornton in Craven, bur 3 Dec 1696, Thornton in Craven, m(1) 6 Feb 1638, Gargrave, Margaret Wharffe, bur 25 Jul 1662 (as Margretta), Thornton in Craven; m(2) 14 May 1663, St Mary’s, Carleton in Craven, Esther Hustler, bur 12 Apr 1715, Thornton in Craven. Joseph is listed on the Lady Day, 1672, Hearth Tax Lists for a hearth/chimney in Thornton in Craven.

Children: known are – James, Bartholomew, Mary, Ann, unknown son, Abraham, Susanna, Jennett(?)


1  James Cowgill bapt 10 Jan 1640/1, Thornton in Craven, bur 6 Dec 1724, Thornton in Craven, m 17 Jun 1675, Thornton in Craven, his cousin, Jenetta Cowgill, b 1638, bur 9 Sep 1710 (another source has 1711), Thornton in Craven, dau of James and Anne (Brown) Cowgill. James described on the burial record as "pannificus" (i.e., hosier and clothier). The Marlfield Papers state that James, who already held tenancy of Fiddling Clough, signed agreements on 12 and 13 Sep 1709 “enacted between those who controlled the Lister-Kaye estate, and the brothers James Cowgill … and Bartholomew Cowgill for the freehold of Marlfield. For an annual rent of two shillings payable to the heirs of Thomas Lister on the Feast Days of Pentecost and St Martin the Bishop of Winter, the freehold of Fiddling Clough and all related lands was granted to James Cowgill.” This is probably the James Cowgill who was a church warden at St Mary’s, Thornton in Craven, for the year 1694. James d intestate.

Children: known are – James, Richard


1  James Cowgill (Jr), d 6 Feb 1747, bur 10 Feb 1747, Downham, Lancashire, m 11 Dec 1711, Downham, Mary Page, bur 20 Jan 1754, St Peter’s, Downham. James is listed as a scholar at Trinity Hall (Cambridge), admitted 10 Jan 1702, received B.A. 1704. He was appointed schoolmaster at Clitheroe Free School in 1708; ordained in London as a priest (Church of England) 2 Dec 1717; appointed as Vicar of Downham near Clitheroe in 1721, Vicar of Clitheroe 1739 to 1743, and Rector of Bentham from 1743 to 1748. James inherited Fiddling Clough on the death of his father; he was shown as an absentee freeholder for Thornton in Craven in the Yorkshire Poll Book of 1741. He d intestate.

Children: known are – James, Jenete


1  James Cowgill bapt 9 Mar 1713/4, Clitheroe, d 19 Apr 1750, bur 22 Apr 1750, Downham, Lancashire. James was admitted, “sizar” (meaning he had to work to pay his tuition), at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 15 Jun 1732; received B.A. 1735-6; M.A. 1739; B.D. 1746. Listed as a Cambridge Fellow, 1739. At Oxford, 1740. His Cambridge biography states he was the Vicar of Clitheroe in 1743. Downham records show him as curate there at death.


2  Jenete Cowgill bapt 26 Sep 1719, Clitheroe. Is she the Janet Cowgill bur 23 Jan 1760 at Downham, shown in the record as “Mrs. Janet Cowgill, from Downham”? Or was this her brother’s wife?


2  Richard Cowgill bapt 23 Feb 1678, Thornton in Craven, bur 7 Apr 1754, Earby, m(1) 28 Dec 1708, St Andrews, Kildwick, Mary Atkinson of Thornton, bur 31 May 1711, Thornton in Craven; m(2) Elizabeth ____; m(3) 27 Dec 1753, Earby, Isabella Hartley of Colne, bur 26 Feb 1772, Colne (of “Bent”?). Richard is listed as a freeholder in a York poll, 13 Jan 1741, as yeoman in other documents. On 10 Jun 1725, Windlefield (also known as Earby Moorside) and all its lands was sold to Richard  for the sum of 350. Richard had been tenant there prior to the purchase from John Hargreaves of Carleton, yeoman (from The Marlfield Papers). Richard was a church warden at St Mary’s, Thornton in Craven, for the years 1714, and 1747-1752.

Child: only one known is William


1  William Cowgill bapt 13 Feb 1710, Thornton in Craven, bur 27 Jul 1760, Thornton in Craven, m 17 Jul 1746, Downham, Whalley Parish, Lancashire, Margaret Laycock (or Leacock), b 1712, (of Cunnenlay, Kildwick, lic. from the Rev. Mr Yates, Gargrave), bur 19 Jul 1791, Kildwick. William inherited Fiddling Clough on the death of his uncle, James Cowgill. His will, dated 31 Mar 1760 (probated 19 May 1761; Exchequer Court of York), bequeaths all his estate to his wife Margaret and their only child, Mary, with Margaret as executor. On 26 Apr 1782, Margaret transferred Fiddling Clough and Windlefield to John Shackleton, her future son-in-law. In her will, dated 15 Sep 1790, she refers to herself as “of Fiddling Clough, Thornton, now of Pasture House, Colne”.

Children: known are – John, Mary


1  John Cowgill b 24 Aug 1747, Earby, bapt 21 Sep 1747, bur 21 May 1749, Thornton in Craven.


2  Mary Cowgill b 18 Feb 1750, Earby, bapt 18 Mar 1750, Thornton in Craven, d 1790, m 5 May 1782, Thornton in Craven (witnesses: Ellis Nutter, Edward Capstack (curate)), John Shackleton of Colne, age 36, gentleman, d 6 Nov 1788. On Mary’s death, daughters Jennet and Mary (both of whom d early) inherit Windlefield and Fiddling Clough. John’s will, dated 7 Sep 1788, reads ”Will of John Shackleton of Pasture House, gent. -- messuages called Stone Edge, Upper Lands or Burnt House and New House, and cottages called New Houses, all in Barrowford, with other specified properties there, to Trustees for daughter Jennet. To daughter Mary messuage called Fidling Clough in Thornton, co.York; also 1000. Pasture House, Whitticroft and other specified properties in Barrowford and Colne, to trustees for wife Mary for life, then to daughter Jennet, subject to annuity to mother-in-law Margaret Cowgill. To wife messuage in Thornton called Windle Field, and messuage in Kildwick, co. York, for life, then to daughter Mary”. An entry transcribed from the London Gazette, Issue 13231 (from Tuesday August 24, to Saturday August 28, 1790) reads as follows:


"Heirs at Law wanted


The Heir or Heirs at Law of Mr. John SHACKLETON, late of Pasture [??] House, near Colne, in the County of Lancaster, Gentleman, lately deceased, as well as of Mrs. Mary SHACKLETON, his Widow, deceased, may, by applying to Mr. Bolton, Attorney, in Colne, in the County of Lancaster, with proper Proofs of their being to, receive Information which may tend much to their Advantaage. Mr. John SHACKLETON, was the only Child of Mr. Christopher SHACKLETON, late of Stone Edge, near Colne aforesaid, Gentleman, deceased, and Mr. Christopher SHACKLETON was the Son of one William SHACKLETON, who formerly resided in the Neighbourhood of Halifax. Mrs. Mary Shackleton was the only Child of Mr. William COWGILL, formerly of Fielding Clough, near Earsby in the Parish of Thornton, in Craven, in the County of York. By Order of Thomas PARKER, Esq.; and Mr. William FOLDS, the Executors and Trustees named in the last Will of the aid Mr. John SHACKLETON.


Colne, August 12, 1790. J. BOLTON.”


2  Bartholomew Cowgill bapt 20 Aug 1643, Thornton in Craven, bur 15 Feb 1719/20, Thornton in Craven, m Ann(e) _____, bur 25 Mar 1726, Thornton in Craven. Bartholomew was described as a farmer and "pannificus" (i.e., hosier and clothier) in parish records. The Marlfield Papers state that Bartholomew and brother James, who already held tenancy of Fiddling Clough, signed agreements on 12 and 13 Sep 1709 “enacted between those who controlled the Lister-Kaye estate,  … for the freehold of Marlfield. … The agreement of the 12th indicates that for the sum of five shillings and the payment of one peppercorn rent (if demanded), Bartholomew gained the freehold of Marlfield and all its fields for one year. However, the agreement of the 13th when describing the fields, some 18 acres in extent, states quite clearly, "... which were in the tenure of William Cowgill", not "are" as in that of the 12th and that for the sum of 104 paid to the creditors of the estate and an annual Free Rent of one shilling to be paid to Thomas Lister's heirs, Marlfield passed into the hands of Bartholomew Cowgill.” Bartholomew  had earlier (1 Nov 1694) signed a lease from Christopher Lister “Of a house, barn close etc. in Thornton called Oak Slacks for 60 years”. Bartholomew’s will describes him as of Oak Slack. He was a church warden at St Mary’s for the year 1706.


    Bartholomew’s will, dated 16 Jan 1719/20 (probated 17 Mar 1719/20; will W74/479), provides “On the 16th January in the 6th year of our Sovereign Lord George … Bartholomew Cowgill of Oak Slack in Thornton in the County of York … ... being aged and infirm of body yet of very perfect memory ....... To be interred in sufficient manner and .... As to my ........ Firstly I will that just funeral expenses ...... Also it is my wills minds and I do hereby give to my halfe brother Abraham Cowgill the sum of 5/-, also I do give unto Susan Wilcock my half sister the like sum of 5/-, also to Mary Cowgill my halfe sister 5/-, also Jennet Whitehead 5/-, Ann Shuttleworth 20/-, John Cowgill my godson 1/-, Bartholomew Cowgill grandson 1/-, Rosamond Midlebrough goddaughter 1/-, Ann Hartley goddaughter 1/-. ..... I do hereby order my ..... named to pay within 12 months of my death and as ... my real estate both freehold and leasehold with their appurtenances as which to be belongeth and also all the rest of...... Of my personal effects. After .. devise and bequeath unto Ann my surviving wife and to her assigns. Personal effects to Joseph my son and heir. Left Ann sole executor. Signed Joseph Abraham & Joseph Stansfield.


Note: Several unidentifieds in the will: Jennet Whitehead (possibly the Jennet Cowgill who m 8 May 1707 at Carleton to William Whitehead, but who was she?); Ann Shuttleworth (possibly Bartholomew’s daughter, see below); grandson Bartholomew Cowgill (whose child? No other reference to him); and the various godchildren.


Children: known are – Anna, Margaret, Joseph


1  Anna Cowgill bapt 5 Dec 1675, Thornton in Craven. Might Anna be the Ann Shuttleworth who received a bequest in Bartholomew’s will? No marriage or death record found for Ann.


2  Margaret Cowgill bapt 14 Jul 1678, Thornton in Craven, bur 11 May 1715, Thornton in Craven.


3  Joseph Cowgill bapt 25 Jun 1682, Thornton in Craven, d 8 Feb 1774, bur 10 Feb 1774, “in the 92d year of his age", Thornton in Craven, m 29 Oct 1717, St Peter’s, Martons Both, Elizabeth Waddington, bur 4 Oct 1755 (“wife of Joseph Cowgill, yeoman”), Thornton in Craven. “In 1718 Joseph … was still with his parents at Oak Slack, not working on the farmstead but following the trade of "hosier and clothier".” On 27 Jun 1718, “he entered into a contract with Benjamin Parker a butcher, Bridget his wife and Margaret Atkinson (possibly Bridget's mother) who resided at Birch Hall, to purchase this small estate which included eight cottages for the sum of 114.” (from The Marlfield Papers).


    Joseph's will, dated 1756 (probated  27 May 1774, Exchequer Court of York), “yeoman of Marlfield”, provides “… I give unto my daughter, Mary Cowgill, the sum of 200 to be paid to her twelve months after my decease by my Executor hereafter named ... I give unto my cousin Joseph Cowgill thirty shillings ... All the rest of my personal estate I do hereby give, devise and bequeath unto Joseph Cowgill my son and heir ... and further, it is my mind that if my daughter Mary have occasion for a house, she shall have one at Birch Hall, which she pleaseth, the time she hath occasion for it without paying rent ...”. Witnessed by Robert Tasker, William and Margaret Cowgill, son Joseph sole executor. “Joseph, senior, however, lived for many more years to the age of 92 and would witness the rebuilding of Marlfield on the lines it is seen today. A stone bearing the inscription “JC 1765” lay for many years by the wall of the house according to the present owner until his father incorporated it into the farmhouse when repairs were being undertaken” (from The Marlfield Papers).


Children: known are – James, Mary, Joseph


1  James Cowgill bapt 23 Nov 1718, bur 18 Aug 1737, Thornton in Craven.


2  Mary Cowgill bapt 12 Mar 1720/21, Thornton in Craven, d 8 May 1794, bur 11 May 1794, St Mary's, Thornton in Craven, same headstone (with her birth year as 1721) as brother Joseph. Never married. Mary’s will, proved Jan 1795, mentions nephew Joseph, nieces Mary, Martha, and Elizabeth.


3  Joseph Cowgill ("of Marlfield") bapt 9 Jul 1727 (his headstone has b 1729), Thornton in Craven, d 23 Jan 1793, bur 27 Jan 1793, St Mary's, Thornton in Craven, m 3 Dec 1776, Thornton in Craven (witnesses John Whitaker, Mary Cowgill), Martha Whitaker, b ca 1753. Joseph described in parish records as “yeoman, of Marl Field”. (See The Marlfield Papers for information on Joseph’s land transactions). This is probably the Joseph Cowgill who frequently served as a church warden at Thornton in Craven. His will, dated 21 Sep 1791 (proved 19 Nov 1793), made bequests (from The Marlfield Papers) of 150 to each daughter, to be paid to them by the executors as the girls attained the age of 21. The executors were his son Joseph, his sister Mary and John Sunderland, whom we know was tenant of Windlefield. To his wife Martha, Joseph left......."15 per year, a bed and furniture for a room at the New House at Birch Hall to live in as long as she remains a widow - but no longer!". All the property went to his son Joseph and subsequently to his heirs. This must be the widow Martha Cowgill of Earby who remarried 17 Jul 1800 at Colne to John Barritt, a widower.

Children: known are - Joseph, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth


1  Joseph Cowgill b 2 Nov 1777, bapt 3 Nov 1777, Thornton in Craven, d 23 Jan 1854 (age 77), bur 27 Jan 1854, Thornton in Craven, m 17 Sep 1800, Thornton in Craven (witnesses Mary Cowgill, John Hartley, Robert Brown), Betty Smith, b 1780, d 26 Dec 1857 (age 77). Both bur St Mary's, Thornton in Craven, under the same headstone as his father and aunt. Joseph described in parish records as “yeoman”, and of Marl Field until 1808, when he is shown as of “Thornton Hall” (back to Marl Field in 1821). (See The Marlfield Papers for information on Joseph’s land transactions and financial difficulties).

Children: known are – Jane, Joseph (1st), Joseph (2nd), Mary, Nancy, James (1st), James (2nd), George


1  Jane Cowgill b 27 Jul 1801 (bapt 23 Aug 1801), Thornton in Craven, m 10 Jun 1823, St Mary-le-Gill’s (witnesses: Mary and Thomas Wilkinson), John Hartley, b ca 1800, d 1850 (a John Hartley of Baroldswick, aged 52, d in 1850). John was a farmer in Salterforth. Jane was a widow by 1851, farming John's 60 acres at Bawmier.


2  Joseph Cowgill (1st) b 10 Dec 1802 (bapt 16 Jan 1803), bur 18 Jul 1803, Thornton in Craven.


3  Joseph Cowgill (2nd) b 30 May 1804 (bapt 24 Jun 1804), bur 1 (also as 4) Jan 1805, Thornton in Craven.


4  Mary Cowgill b 3 Dec 1805 (bapt 29 Dec 1805), Thornton in Craven, m 26 Nov 1827, St Mary-le-Gill’s (witnesses: Thos Edmondson, John Hartley), Barnoldswick, William Bleazard, d ca 1840. Mary is shown as a widow, age 45, b Thornton, in Barnoldswick in 1851; two of her children were lodging with her parents in 1841.


5  Nancy Cowgill b 11 Jul 1808 (bapt 7 Aug 1808), Thornton in Craven, m 11 Feb 1828, Thornton in Craven (witnesses: John Wormwell, Robert Shuttleworth), Thomas Shuttleworth. Nancy and family were listed living near her brother George at North Holme by Crowbeckle on the 1841 and 1851 censuses.


6  James Cowgill (1st) b 23 Nov 1810 (bapt 25 Nov 1810), bur 1 Aug 1812, Thornton in Craven.


7  James Cowgill (2nd) bapt 23 Aug 1818, Thornton in Craven, d 1897, aged 78y, Clitheroe, bur 6 Feb 1897, Thornton in Craven, m(1) 12 May 1845, St Bartholomew's, Colne, Mary Tillotson, b ca 1826, Trawden, Lancashire, bur 31 Jul 1858, aged 33y, Thornton in Craven, dau of Robert and Margaret Tillotson; m(2) 25 Jun 1861, Thornton in Craven (witnesses: Hargreaves Tillotson, Christopher Brown), Isabella Wormwell, b ca 1831, Thornton in Craven, d 1896, Clitheroe, dau of Hartley and Martha Wormwell. James listed on censuses as a farmer and shoemaker in Kelbrook (1841-1861, and 1881); as a farmer in East Marton in 1871; and as a farmer in Horton/Bradford in 1891. Isabella (as "farmer's wife") and her children were listed separately in East Marton in 1881.

Children: known are - John, Nancy, Margaret, Mary, Betsy, George, Joseph


1  John Cowgill b 1846 (is he the John, son of James and Mary bapt 12 Sep 1847, or is there a 2nd son John b in 1847? A John, age 2, d in 1847), Thornton in Craven (Kelbrook), d 14 Jul 1918, m 1880, St Peter & Paul's, Bolton by Bowland, Nancy Life, b ca 1856, Bolton by Bowland, 10 Oct 1930. John was a farmer, apparently of James’ 18 acre farm until 1881, thereafter on an 81 acre farm at Fence End (Thornton in Craven).

Children: known are – Mary, Margaret, Ruth, John


1  Mary Alice Cowgill b 4 Jul 1881, bapt 4 Sep 1881, Thornton in Craven, m 12 Sep 1905, Thornton in Craven (witnesses: Robert Woof, Ruth Cowgill), William Woof.


2  Margaret Ann Cowgill b 6 Feb 1882, bapt 8 Apr 1883, Thornton in Craven, d 1897 (19 Nov 1897, aged 14y), Thornton in Craven.


3  Ruth Cowgill b 21 Apr 1887, Fence End, bapt 20 Jun 1887, Thornton in Craven, d 1976.


4  John James Cowgill b 10 Jul 1895, Fence End, d 1976, m 1924, Harriet Foster, b 22 Apr 1893, d 1969.

    Children: known are - Frederick, Nancy


2  Nancy Cowgill b and d 1851.


3  Margaret Cowgill b 1853, Thornton in Craven, m 11 Nov 1886, St Mary's, Thornton in Craven, George Smith, b ca 1853, Colne. George was innkeeper at The Half-Way House in Royton, Lancashire, in 1891.


4  Mary Jane Cowgill b 1858, d 1859.


5  Betsy Cowgill b 1862, Kelbrook, d 19 Jul 1940, Barnoldswick. Single, lodging with brothers George and Joseph in Horton in Craven in 1901, with Joseph in 1911.

Child: known is - Isabella


Isabella Cowgill b 1899, Horton in Craven, m 20 Jul 1935, St Michael's, Bracewell, Alfred Strickland. Isabella listed as a niece of Joseph Cowgill in 1901. She was the executrix of Betsy's will.


6  Joseph Cowgill (twin) b 1864, Kelbrook, d 3 Aug 1934. Joseph was a farmer in Horton in Craven.


7  George Cowgill  (twin) b 1864, Kelbrook, bur 1 Aug 1949, St Mary the Virgin's, Gisburn, m 1903, St Mary's, Gisburn, Mary Parkinson, bur 18 Dec 1937, age 67, St Mary the Virgin's. George was a farmer in Horton in Craven.

Children: known are - Ellen, James, Alice, May, Thomas


1  Elizabeth Ellen Cowgill b 1904, Gisburn, bur 29 May 1974, St Mary the Virgin's, Gisburn.


2  James Cowgill b 19 Nov 1905, Gisburn, d 1991, m 1931, St Ambrose's, Grindleton, Selina Hoyle, b 29 Dec 1906, d 1994.

Children: four - George, Harry, Dorothy, John                       


3  Alice Cowgill b 8 Jun 1907, Gisburn, d 1985, m 1928, St Mary's, Gisburn, Richard Kenyon.


4  May Cowgill b 1908, Gisburn, m 1940, Settle, Tom Jolly.


5  Thomas Cowgill b 7 Dec 1910, Gisburn, bur 23 Sep 1991, m 1939, St Bartholomew's, Tosside, Violet Ellen Tillotson, b ca 1919, d 8 Feb 2014.

     Children: known are - Freda, Maurice


8  George Cowgill bapt 25 Nov 1821, Thornton in Craven, d 6 Oct 1885, m 9 Apr 1857, St James, Briercliffe, Elizabeth Smith, b ca 1831, Briercliffe, d 13 Nov 1901, dau of William Smith of Hill Farm, Lane Bottom. George was an ironmonger - in Colne as an apprentice in 1841; shown as married (probably by mistake), but a lodger by himself, in Burnley in 1851, there with his family by 1861. He was later described as partner (with his father-in-law) in the firm of Cowgill & Smith cotton manufacturers in Nelson.

Children: known are – Mary, Ann, Edith


1  Mary Elizabeth Cowgill b 1858, Burnley, m 1880, London, Henry James Robinson, b ca 1856. Mary and family were in Habergham Eaves (Burnley) in 1891. Her mother was lodging with her in 1891/1901. Henry was a surgeon. They had a son, Henry Cowgill Robinson, b 1889, d 1907.


2  Ann Gertrude Cowgill b 1861, Burnley, d 1882.


3  Edith Smith Cowgill b 1868, Burnley, m 1887, Burnley, James Charles Waddington, b ca 1858. James was a solicitor in Habergham Eaves (Burnley) in 1891.


2  Mary Cowgill b 13 Dec 1779 (bapt 1 Jan 1780), Thornton in Craven, m 9 May 1815, St Mary’s, Carlisle, Thomas Moses. On 22 Apr 1818 "Thomas Moses of Bransham in the County of Cumberland, shopkeeper and Mary his wife, late Mary Cowgill, spinster” signed a sworn statement relinquishing any claim they might have had to the estate of the late Joseph Cowgill (see The Marlfield Papers).


3  Martha Cowgill b 2 Apr 1783 (bapt 9 Apr 1783), Thornton in Craven, m 20 Sep 1804, St Bartholomew’s, Colne, Thomas Lonsdale, a fellmonger of Colne. Thomas and Martha also signed the statement relinquishing any claim they might have had to her father’s estate. They had a son, Joseph Cowgill Lonsdale, baptized in 1825 at Colne Particular Chapel.


4  Elizabeth Cowgill b 14 Aug 1786 (bapt 16 Aug 1786), Thornton in Craven. Possibly the Elizabeth Cowgill who m 31 Oct 1818, Thornton in Craven (witnesses: Christopher Brown, John Swire), Jeremiah Harrison. Not located on the 1841 census; she did not sign the statement referenced above and was presumed for that reason to have died before 1818.


3  Mary Cowgill, dau of Joseph and Margaret Cowgill, bapt 1 Feb 1645, St Mary-le-Gill's, Barnoldswick, bur 1 Jan 1720/1, St Mary-le-Gill's, "spinster of Salterforth". Mary was mentioned in Bartholomew’s will, so was alive and single in 1719.


4  Ann Cowgill, dau of Joseph and Esther Cowgill, bapt 21 Feb 1664/5, Thornton in Craven,


5  unknown son (Joseph?) Cowgill, bur 11 Apr 1671, Thornton in Craven.


6  Abraham Cowgill bapt 20 Aug 1668, Thornton in Craven, bur 6 Mar 1732/3, Thornton in Craven, m 15 Dec 1698, Thornton in Craven, Isabella Kay, bapt 13 Sep 1668, Christ Church, Colne, Lancashire, bur 28 Feb 1732/3, Thornton in Craven. Abraham described as a farmer of Thornton on Isabella’s death entry.

Children: known are – Joseph, Elina


1  Joseph Cowgill bapt 12 Nov 1699, Thornton in Craven, probably the Joseph Cowgill bur 10 Apr 1766, described as a bachelor of Thornton Moorside.


2  Elina Cowgill bapt 27 Sep 1702, Thornton in Craven, probably the Helen Cowgill who m 24 Aug 1724, Thornton in Craven, Thomas Chadwick, a tailor. Helen was described as a spinster of Thornton.


7  Susanna Cowgill, m 16 Jul 1691, Thornton in Craven, Henry Wilcock of Kirkby Malhamdale.


8  Jennett Cowgill, bur 3 Feb 1737, St Mary's, Carleton in Craven, m 8 May 1707, St Mary's, Carleton in Craven, William Whitehead, bur 10 Apr 1765. No birth record for Jennett, but she is mentioned in Bartholomew's will, receiving the same bequest as his other surviving siblings.

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